Samsung's dual-hinge Galaxy Z Fold successor could launch later this year

Galaxy Z Fold 2
Galaxy Z Fold 2 (Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Rumors point to Samsung launching a dual-hinge Galaxy Z Fold successor as soon as this year.
  • The device would likely fold two ways, offering a more tablet-like form factor when folded out.
  • Samsung has been rumored to have such a device in development since as early as 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 successor may be delayed this year, but the company isn't slowing down by any means. Despite the global chip shortage reportedly affecting the production of higher-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, the company is still seeing high device sales and doesn't want to remain stagnant this year. According to Nikkei, Samsung reportedly wants to shake up its Galaxy Z Fold lineup this year with a dual-hinge model.

This wouldn't be the first time such a device has been mentioned, with patents cropping up as early as 2018, before the original Samsung Galaxy Fold launched. While patents hardly translate to an actual device launch, it seems Samsung really wants to differentiate its lineup this year, according to sources familiar with the matter:

The suspension of the Note series was pretty much decided last year. The company wants to bet more on foldable phones that have much higher prices with distinctive designs.

With a double-hinge folding smartphone, Samsung could increase screen real-estate into a more tablet-like design when folded out. If it's anything like the earlier patent, part of the display would be visible when the device is folded, removing the need for a separate outer display like what's found on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Apparently, Samsung aims for a more traditional aspect ratio with the "outer" display, making it easier for app developers.

This new device would be a third folding model from Samsung, launching later this year alongside the rumored Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. If done right, it could join the ranks as one of the best foldable phones. Of course, a device such as this would require more intricate case designs than some of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 cases.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Patent

Source: GSMArena (Image credit: Source: GSMArena)

It's unfortunate that the global chip shortage has forced Samsung to push aside its excellent Galaxy Note series. However, that may not be the only factor, since Samsung has apparently been mulling this decision since last year. Given Samsung's aim for higher-priced models, it remains to be seen whether this approach will work.

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