New details of the Galaxy Watch 4 hint at launch date, Samsung ditches plans for useful health feature

Galaxy Watch Active 2
Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung reportedly won't put a blood glucose monitor on its Galaxy Watch 4, after all.
  • The upcoming Wear OS smartwatches are expected to launch alongside Samsung's next foldables.
  • The launch will likely benefit both Google and Samsung in expanding the platform.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Active 4 are reportedly running Wear OS and will be launched later this year, according to a report from MT (via 9to5Google). The follow-ups to some of the best Android smartwatches are rumored to launch at an Unpacked event in August, where the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will reportedly debut.

Additionally, Samsung is apparently ditching its plans to include a blood glucose monitor on the smartwatches. The feature was rumored earlier this year as a non-invasive way to measure blood sugar, which would be highly beneficial for anyone managing diabetes.

As for why Samsung is moving away from Tizen, the report claims (via rough translation) that the platform "has reached its limits in terms of expanding content, such as the app ecosystem." Samsung's decision to move to Wear OS with the Galaxy Watch 4 is a strategic move that both Samsung and Google may benefit from, bringing more apps to Samsung's smartwatches and further expanding the reach of Wear OS.

The report also mentions slightly larger case sizes than what was previously reported for the Galaxy Watch 4, which will apparently come in 42mm and 46mm. That's just a millimeter larger than the current Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will release in smaller 40mm and 42mm sizes, with some design changes in tow for both watch models.

Assuming Samsung does launch the Galaxy Watch 4 this August, it would be unveiled around roughly the same time that rumored Pixel Watch is set to launch. Assuming Motorola's alleged plans for Wear OS pan out, this could mark something of a resurgence for the platform.

There is expected to be plenty of talk about Wear OS at Google I/O 2021 next week, so we won't have to wait long to learn more about Google's plans for the platform.

That said, if you're not interested in waiting or in Wear OS, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is still one of the best smartwatches that money can buy right now.

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  • Will the Galaxy Watch 3 be patched over?
  • Evy would it?
  • How can they ditch something they never had?
  • Well, guess the money I saved for this will go toward something else. I was really looking forward to that noninvasive glucometer. I guess Samsung is SOL in getting any money from my pockets this year. First, they cancel the Note, then the Watch 4 stunt come with the rumored glucometer. There's is no reason for me to get the Watch 4 since I got the Watch 3 less than a year ago. Oh well...
  • Uhh.....wear os...... Samsung tizen sucks as far as apps go
  • Has everything I have ever needed. Can you give an example of an app you currently can get on WearOS that you cannot get an equivalent app on Tizen
  • Google Pay, Google Maps, Google Assistant. All the biggies that have no alternatives
  • I think this is a mistake from Samsung moving to Wear OS but only time will tell and I think this is aimed at being competitive against the Apple Watch.
  • Mistake if Samsung cannot deliver the blood sugar monitoring…. If Apple Watch series 7 comes out with blood sugar monitoring, then expect a MASS EXODUS of “valuable” consumers out of Android into iOS. By “valuable” i mean consumers that matter…consumers that actually have money and willing to spend.
  • Agreed, the glucose feature is important. If it is not included, then it has me wondering what is the reason for a new watch (besides possibly a new OS).
  • Agree. Not buying if its not included. And if Apple has one included in their watch, that will be the death blow for me. I will be buying my very first iPhone EVER (along with the Apple Watch) and my 9 years of owning ONLY Samsung devices will come to an end. That's how important this is to me and to a lot of people I know. I was very much looking forward to this and if Sammy can't deliver, or the time it takes them to have the tech ready doesn't fit well with their Marketing Department - recommended release timeline, then screw them. If they go ahead with this, and Apple turns around and comes out with it, Samsung will be just an afterthought.
  • If that's true then I'm game. I was waiting for this.
  • Very disappointed in no CGM feature. i was surprised that it was rumored to be offered, but very excited for a backcheck to the Dexcom. So much for that...
  • Wow does Samsung even have a blood Oxygen monitor like the Apple Watch 6? Because I hate to admit it, but Apple Watch is in the lead when it comes to important health related features.