Update: 'Leaked' pictures stolen from Expansys mockups

Update 2: EVLeaks has deleted its tweets sharing the "leaks."

Update: It appears this stuff comes from a speculative product info page published by online retailer Expansys. So we can probably discount these images.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may be the most anticipated Android device ever, and our old pals at @evleaks may have just outed the specs and overall design of it. While it's still a render, if true we get to see the more rectangular design of Samsung's next, as well as a comparison against the previous models (see the pic after the break). 

On the specifications front, we're told to expect a Super AMOLED HD screen of an unknown size, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera, and storage options of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Of course it will be running on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

As we saw with the Galaxy S3, Samsung isn't afraid to toss out a red herring or three. But evleaks has a very solid track record, so that has to be considered. We see nothing here we wouldn't expect from the next Samsung Galaxy S phone, so we're excited. 

We'll know more in about 10 days.

Source: @evleaks (1); (2)

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  • On screen buttons! but the design tho...
  • this is fake, I think. The bottom benzel is too thin, making the phone look weird and unbalanced. what should be thin is the side benzels
  • unbalanced is the only way to avoid design patent lawsuit.
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  • Looks too much like the Note.
  • Exactly, less the hardware button.
  • Is that necessarily a bad thing? I love my note.
  • It is a bad thing because The Galaxy S4 and The note are two completely different devices
  • Not really.
  • UGLY. So glad I'm a HTC fan.
  • We're all glad too.
  • ...chuckle...
  • LMAO, i like and dislike HTC, their hardware is nice, but their sense sucks and they rarely update the os. I would love to see a HTC nexus again though. I'd prefer all android manufacturer's all making one dedicated nexus device every year though and add it to their line up of phones.
  • let me know how those updates go k.... lol
  • lmfaoooo!!!!
  • Mine went fine on my EVO. My wife's S3 on the other hand... not so good. But still substantially better than my son's S2.
  • Ohhhhh sick burn....oh wait...what version of Android is the S3 running? Ahhhh dang 4.1.2. Good luck with your updates as well.
  • At least my HTC phones over the years (starting with the G1) were solid and fun to use. My (unfortunate) dive into Samsung when there were no more qwerty devices by HTC is a disaster. Worst build quality I have ever seen. Samsung phones are plasticy crap, after 4 months this phone (Galaxy S Relay) is already having more problems (shutdowns, reboots, freezing up) than any HTC smartphone after 2 years.
  • Well I decided I was getting the HTC ONE over this mess anyways. I'm so over the build quality of this GS3 and this touchwiz. I can't wait to go back to HTC, WHY DID I LEAVE. My Sensation was so amazing and inspiring. Can't wait to own my ONE the day it comes to AT&T.
  • Until my S3 all my previous phones where HTC phones. I really liked HTC phones in the past and I was reluctant to get the S3 but I'm glad I did because it's been a great phone. The build quality of the S3 has been great too... I could care less what it's made of because I always use a case with my phones. I think both companies make great devices... but the BIG problem I have with HTC now is the direction that have take with SD cards and batteries. I will not touch HTC again unless they bring back SD cards and removable batteries.
  • The way of Android from Google's perspective is to do away with SD cards and I completely agree with this change. As far as batteries go I'm sort of with you on that, but as time goes on and tech progresses I would hope not to have to worry about that either.
  • Well I can't see them going away from the home button although I hope they do. Guess we will find out next week.
  • agree, the spec race is incremental or plateaued, really just about design now, and I was so annoyed by that button. this looks 1000)% better than the S3 in my opinion.
  • I like it. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be plastic all the way around again. Hey, Samsung, a little aluminum wouldn't hurt.
  • This.
  • Not sure if it's because I'm an HTC fanboy, but I am not impressed by the design (or the specs).
  • You aren't going to be impressed for a good year by the specs if the s4 doesn't impress you with its specs.
  • Good. I won't be tempted to buy anything else. :p
  • Don't like the corners, gonna poke holes in my pocket.
  • Based on your username and your comment, I'll assume you're employing a heavy dose of sarcasm. If that isn't the case, then you're kinda stupid.
  • Meh. I'm happy with my GSIII... certainly don't need a 13mp camera in my phone and if I want 4.2, I'll just load up a custom ROM :)
  • Ditto
  • I like the home button, sick specs and the Galaxy line has the best dev support. No other Phone manufacturer has given the customer what they have asked for, removable powerful battery, plenty of int storage, sd card support, same phone on all carriers and dev support. Samsung hits a home run every time they go to bat. They put so much money into innovation, more than any other company. SGS3 and the Note 2 have so many new features in their software. Every day I find something new, they are just great devices made by a great company.
  • Samung makes very fine phones, but there is nothing innovative here, nor with the GSIII.
  • That's fine if that is your opinion. But name me some recent phones/manufacturers that have made leaps forward in "innovation" recently.
  • I'm not saying any are, they just make incremental improvements in the hardware. The real innovation comes in the OS.
  • Eh.. You meant to say "iOS"
  • Easy answer illustrator Joe The New HTC UltraPixel Camera
    The new HTC One will be the first to feature the HTC UltraPixel Camera - an advanced imaging technology that offers a great leap in the quality of point-and-shoot photos and video. Smartphones have rapidly become the primary camera for millions of people, and taking pictures has become an indispensable part of daily life. HTC is committed to offering the highest quality camera available, so even everyday pictures are gratifying and memorable. With our new camera, you’ll be able to quickly shoot vivid, true-to-life images with a wide range of colors, even in low light conditions. We accomplish this not by increasing the number of megapixels in the camera, but by engineering a more advanced CMOS Sensor, ISP, and optical lens system that captures significantly more light than most 8 or 13 megapixel cameras. Full metal body. Zero gap construction. And tapered edges that offer a slim but satisfying grip. The new HTC One is phone design that doesn’t compromise. Dual front speakers with amplifier aka Boom Sound Sense clear voice - call clarity even in a crowd. And there's more innovative technology.
  • Nice copy and paste job. None of these things really seem more "innovative" than any of Samsungs features. I am impartial, I like HTC and Samsung equally. But just giving the camera a fancy name doesn't make it "innovative" it still takes pictures the same. Camera sensors are advancing and will continue to, but this isn't a giant leap forward. Dual speakers are great, but nothing new. A full metal body is nice and new, but its subjective if there are any pros from an all metal body besides a "premium feel" which isn't really a feature. I guess what I am getting at is clearly the word "innovative" is being used far too loosely. I am sure the One is a fantastic phone, and its timing couldn't be better, but don't start hyping it over the S4 that hasn't even been released yet.
  • The new HTC One is chock full of a multitude of innovations in both hardware and software. Only the most doggedly ignorant purposeless haters are incapable of recognizing this next evolution of HTC innovations. The rest of you will enjoy, want, and then get the most innovative superphone in just a few weeks. http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/04/the-engadget-interview-vp-of-design-s...
  • Double tap to top
    Tilt to zoom
    Pan to move icon
    Pan to browse images
    Shake to update
    Turn over to mute/pause
    Palm swipe to capture image
    Palm touch to mute/pause
  • Two things to put forth: - The Galaxy line does have great dev support, but definitely not as much as the Nexus line. - I think Google innovates more than Samsung. Think Google Now, Google+, Photo Sphere, to name a few. Heck, Android itself.
  • The Nexus line is cool, but usually a step down in hardware from current flagships, and in the US, not available on the largest carrier this year... two big letdowns.
  • Samsung inovates with gimmicks. The only thing usefull is the palm swipe for screen shots and the sliding your finger on the side of the screen to zoom. All the other mess I could live without. GOOGLE Innovates with their apps and experiance.
  • My last 6 phones were HTC.Best phone I ever owned is my most recent. Note2. So far I'm loving what Samsung is doing.
  • In the same boat. Had HTC almost exclusively for last 4 years (about 8 phones) and best phone so far is my s3. ITs not perfect and the camera is not quite what the one s had, but still awesome. Cant wait for an S4!
  • Yup, in the same boat. My first Android phone was the HTC Evo 4G, loved it. Then I got the HTC Evo 4G LTE, hardware was great but had nothing but issues with it. Sense is bloated and lags and that multitasking issue was a pain. Swapped out the Evo for an SIII, zero problems. Say what you want about Samsung's designs, Touch Wiz, or how they use "cheap" plastics blah, blah, blah. The phone works great. I like HTC, but their support has been really bad. I hope for their sake they finally listen to their customers. As for the Nexus fanboys chiming in, I love my N7 but give me LTE and at least 32gb of storage then you have a case for the best phone in the N4.
  • Erm...if your most recent phone isn't the best you've owned, then you must have done something wrong. :>
  • I will wait for the official announcement before I decide. I like the more rectangular overall design. Idk about on screen buttons. I really hope there is something that hasn't leaked yet that is really going to push the envelope, because this is just "meh". But still will be one of the best to date IMO
  • First off, I think the S3 was more anticipated... But anyway, I have almost no doubt in my mind that this is a fake. I've read reports saying they will stick with the home button. The Note II and Note 8 also have it, I don't see them leaving that realm, yet. The specs may be right, those have been reported multiple times. But if you look at the picture of it lined up next to the previous Galaxy devices, it doesn't match up AT ALL. The S4 has a reported 4.99" screen, the S3 is 4.8", no way that much difference is only .19" diagonally.
  • Plus, doesn't the aspect ratio look off with on-screen buttons? This render looks incredibly wide.
  • Agreed. This screams FAKE. It may very well be a deliberate leak from Samsung, they do that. This looks more like a Note device than a Galaxy S.
  • EVleaks is never wrong. I've learned not to doubt them.
    If this isn't what the S4 will look like, then it's a purposeful leak by Samsung.
  • No one is never wrong. Look at the second phot, it's huge compared to the GSiii. Either this is a fake (regardless of whose fake) or Samsung has lost all sense when it comes to scale. Note sie and GSIII size gives users a god variety. Note and "Note Mini", is hardly a choice.
  • Does anyone think the screen will be pentile again?
  • I hope not. The non - pentile screen on the Note 2 is gorgeous. Side by side to the gs3 it blows it out of the water.
  • skipping if Amoled display. I was banking on the rumors that Samsung was going with lcd this time but o well. I vowed never to buy an amoled display again... can't stand their cartoonish colors and ridiculous tints.
  • I'm going to get me one of those!!!!! I cant wait!!!!
  • If HTC pours as much money into advertising as Samsung does, this next Galaxy phone shouldn't stand a chance against the One. The One is gorgeous! This render looks like more of the same... Color me very, very unimpressed with this leaked information.
  • I love HTC. And the One looks beautiful.. but they really should've put a bigger battery and a storage slot. 6 of my last phones were HTC. Now I have a Note2 and its the best phone I've ever owned.. That being said, the day that HTC produces a device that trumps it, then that is what I'll buy. I used to be a fanboy too. But a wise man once told me, "that ain't how you stay on top of the food chain in this tech game".
  • what the s3 should of looked like
  • "should have" not "should of" Reading comprehension is fun.
  • lol
  • Rather punctilious of you, and sarcastic. Feel better having put down someone's grammar?
  • Exactly, that was very petty of him. The guy could have been typing on a phone. Get a life.
  • This seems fine to me. I really didn't want to give up my software keys that I can color and rearrange how I like on custom ROMs. As long as they include a big battery I'm sold, assuming this is real of course.
  • What's the point of having the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note wtf-ever if they're both going to be as big as a house? Currently we have the S3 for those who want a high-powered, big phone, and the Note for those who want a high-powered, huge phone. I like the way the S3 is as big as it can possibly be to fit comfortably in my hand, and not a bit bigger. Why make them almost the exact same size? If the S4 ends up being what is pictured here, then I won't be buying it no matter what the specs are, and that makes me extremely sad. I'm hoping this is a red herring.
  • Exactly. This is either fake, or a huge mistake by Samsung.
  • I'm just going to wait on what Google comes out with next. There is no point in buying new Android devices between major Android os updates by Google themselves. There is not going to be much of a difference in terms of capability between my Nexus 4 and the s4 or the htc one. Ill just wait until key lime pie devices are out.
  • well if its true, then im gona upgrade my gs3 for a gs4.some of us like getting the latest phone tech, no matter what i like to experience the latest tech the worl has to offer,critics will hate something that seems it doesn't fit in their life. i hope it blows minds away,like when we get the latest console,laptop,and car. Samsung products open the minds of the youth of the future, maybe samsung should make a great wristwatch to sync or do what phones are doing, and yes i know their are some new ones like pebble watch or the supposely iphone watch, but they seem ok. i would buy the pebble watch. thanks again androidcentral for the latest info on the gs4.always on this site for 2years now :)
  • coming from an S2 I'm waiting to see what this S4 is. I'll likely be upgrading to it as the S2 has treated me well the last year and a half.
  • If this comes in 32GB or 64GB and still offers SD card support upto 64GB then its over. I've been riding with HTC for my last 2 phones but this would win me over hands down
  • ooppss
  • well thats ironic timing with the new commercial for the galaxy s4 and how its supost to be a secret
  • Samsung is garbage. Overrated. I wonder what stupid ad line will they come up with now, "designed for humans" was the lamest shit ever.
  • +1. Lmfao
  • I wish Samsung would change their design if this is true looks just like a stretched GSIII or a buttonless note. Samsung sure seems like they rehash designs at least some of the manufacturers are changing it up.
  • My home is full of different brands of phones including an iPhone. I have to say Samsung phones are by far my favorite. Epic, Epic Touch, HTC Evo, Evo LTE, Note II, Motorola, and Samsung wins. We all have preferences. Frankly, Note II size does not bother me. It turns heads!! As I am also looking to experience the newest technology. I think this sparks my curiosity. I skipped the S3 because was not that much of a difference from my at the time S2. So bring it on Samsung. Love the products they put out.
  • Looks like Samsung is sticking with their cheap plastic.. Was hoping with the HTC One being the first flagship phone to match the quality of Apple's products that Samsung would follow suit too.
  • i think its fake, if not then they lost the game. this is super-mega-duper ugly
  • My only wish is for software buttons.
  • Man I hope it's a little better looking than this. This looks almost like my Note 2. Please be a decoy.
  • Samsung is getting rid of the big home button on their phones, and putting them on their tablets. See: the butt ugly Note 8.0.
  • Why would they offer models with 16, 32, & 64? 16 makes no sense and likewise additional SD card slot makes no sense if 64gb is an available option. Of course my opinion has no more basis if fact than the opinions of others in these forums.
    What is a fact is well over 100 million smartphone buyers have no interest in tech forums and therefore no interest in our opinions. Look at the names of those posting. For the most part, we are the same 50 to 100 people. Throw in a contest and the number swells to a few thousand.
  • Bet money if HTC/Samsung/anyone made a 64 gb phone with no sd card people would still be screaming bloody murder
  • nope 32/64 is exactly where it should be, right now, without an SD card slot. none of the 8/16 Nexus crap BTW, I hope this is a joke. I will stick with the S3 if so. or go to HTC. I am hopeful it is either a render, a false leak, or poorly sized. It should be a 5" phone, but not that wide.
  • Of course they would Jaredshoes, just like swappable batteries, root and rom and the typical nonsense millions don't give a twit.
    So what?!?! It's likely HTC will be this year's big winner with the most noticeably distinguishable and beautiful handset to be seen, touched, and heard in all the stores worldwide starting this Spring. The resale market will be littered GS3's, Notes, and Nexus 4s. This shift is starting to show even among the chattering class some of whom have had 6 different models or more of smartphones.
  • They did the same thing with the S3...
  • I know I can't believe their are people who think this is real...this is just a place holder till next week the exact same placeholder was leaked for the s3...I can pretty much guarantee that samsung will not drop the home nutton ..you really think after just putting a home button on there latest note tablet that they are going to remove it from there from.
  • The good:
    -No physical home button, software buttons
    -Looks thin as hell The bad:
    -No "+" on that AMOLED?
    -Still AMOLED?
    -Kinda bland design. The ugly:
  • If this has amoled again I'm not getting it. I was really counting on the flux display I was hearing about. The LCD on the Htc one is by far superior. And I'm saying this as an owner of a note 2. That design is horrid to, not a fan of onscreen buttons.
  • Junk. Not buying that. Samsung, my old son, you'll have to do better than that crappy outdated 13 megapixel camera/sensor that Sony has pimped to everyone, give me a camera you can proverbially 'USE'. My S2 has been out of action for about 3 months now, and having been without an Android phone has put me in this position - If there is no clear top phone in the market this year, then I'll be more than happy to take something far from it, probably something novelty like the NEC Medias W that was just unveiled (and not covered by AC!?), and should be cheaper than an S4.
    With all the other manufacturers having revealed their hands for the next year - and them all having basically the same full house - It's now up to Samsung to deliver a suited royal flush. I'm not interested in so-so phones, so let's not have the S3 debacle all over again - sure it's a good phone, but it was only ever a minor upgrade over the S2 overall.
  • Unless you're living in Japan, you won't see that NEC.
  • Not to hate on Samsung, I really like Samsung. But that looks fuckn ugly, and it being "The most anticipated android device ever" is definitely an overstatement.
  • I don't know. With the monster success that was the GS3, I think that statement is probably fairly accurate. But if this is really the GS4 (and I have my doubts - I think the design is a huge step backwards), it may be the biggest Android bust, relative to the hype.
  • Excellent.
    Looks exactly like me OG Note.. Good Job Sammy.
  • Not sure what to make of it... thought it was just a place holder ... but seeing S4 cases pop-up makes me believe this may be accurate. http://www.slickfuns.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=i9500&cat=
  • Still a crap design.
  • A friend of mine who works in Samsung shared the following video on his Facebook profile saying there is a clue in this video about the design of the phone. Can anyone try to find it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As7NfKnhs6c Thanks :D and CANT WAIT !! :P
  • The next Galaxy phone will have more stuffs than before! I hope they keep the removable battery and I hope they take Touchwiz down a notch, but that's likely the opposite of what we'll see.
  • Expansys also has them :o http://www.expansys.fr/samsung-galaxy-S4
  • People hated Galaxy S III design but what happened? It sold millions!
  • I hope they don't have the home button.
  • love the design similar to htc one, if the front face capable of full hd 1080p for chat then this is my next phone if not i will go with htc one either one better than iphone 5 that is my opinion some like iphone or xperia z better all are good phones but for me either s4 if front face 1080p if not htc one no doubt.
  • Let's see if they mess up the option & back buttons like everyone else.
  • excellent great looking phone it has wheels on it like a skateboard the little electric motor will be great for the commute , across town .
  • Everyone is spouting about innovation but the majority of innovation is under the hood and in the software installed on it, innovative design isn't necessarily a manufacturers friend.
    Manufacturers want there products to be recognized at a glance.
    As long as there is a replaceable battery and memory expansion most Galaxy fans will be happy.
  • Looks like a giant Droid razr max HD
  • Kinda ugly not gunna lie
  • Ok so we know it has the same specs as pretty much anything released lately. In other words we know nothing.
  • Looks like renders... http://www.techhunter.co.uk/mobile/samsung-galaxy-s4-leaked-images-art/0...
  • Thankfully evleaks was wrong on this one. Bring on the home button!
  • I need you to remember this the next time you think, "but evleaks has a very solid track record". They're just attention whores like any other.
  • Galaxy S4 to be offered in 'Virtual Green' (mid shade) from launch.