Samsung Galaxy S4 rumored to show at Mobile World Congress in February

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is all of, what, four months old, but we're already starting to laugh our asses off see rumors regarding a possible successor. The Korea Times, citing unnamed "company officials" and "local parts suppliers," says we'll see the Galaxy S4 unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, with it hitting shelves by the end of March

Oh, and they say it'll be slightly bigger (5 inches) and more powerful than the Galaxy S3 (get out) and will have LTE capability (you're kidding us).

Other than a possible screen size and unveiling at MWC, there's not much in the story we wouldn't expect. Faster, better, taking on Apple, blah, blah blah. Been there, done that, will do it again next year.

It's also a little early to start with the Galaxy S4 rumors, and it wouldn't surprise us in the slightest to see this turn out to not happen until later in the year. Regardless, we'll be in Barcelona one way or the other.

Source: Korea Times

  • This just in: Kanye West's new smartphone (which Daft Punk will manufacture) will be harder, better, faster, stronger.
  • Hahahaha. That's Awesome.
  • Now here's the real question: will it be (officially) called the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy S IV? Sticking with Roman numerals keeps it consistent, but throw a V in there, and the average consumer is now confused about 2 things: 1) Is this an iPhone? and 2) Does it include a fluid that goes into my body intravenously?
  • 1) No. 2) Possibly.
  • Throw a V in there and you will make EVERYONE enormously confused about wether it is going to be a part of the remake of "'V' for Vendetta". Or maybe if it comes with an extra set of green, rodent-eating lizards. ;-P Soz, I just had to. ^^ More OT, I guess they will actually go with the roman numerals, since that is a way for them to keep being "unique" and not have another round of trials on their necks. Just my humble 5 eurocents.
  • Really? Already? ...
  • That news is fine for me... My contract is up next July. Don't see it happening though
  • Enough with the bigger and bigger this is getting ridiculous Samsung :(
  • By the time February 2013 rolls around the current Galaxy S3 would be 1yrs old this makes perfect sense. Samsung pushes the boundaries innovation so nothing would surprise me. With the Note 2 arriving October/November of this year looks like greater and better things are ahead for Samsung. Not many manufacturers can say that because they are mared in trying to catch up to what Samsung laid out this year. Everyone better '' WAKE UP '' Samsung is stomping competition soundly....
  • 1 "yr" old, not 1 "yrs" old
  • The galaxy s iii was released internationally on May 31st.
  • 5 inch? Ehhh, I think I would be happy if they stuck with a smaller size. 4.65" like on the Nexus will make me happy. The screen size on the gs3 is already bringing it to the edge in usability with one handed operation. Time to scale it back a little bit, don't ya think Samsung?
  • depends on what they do with that extra 0.2 inches... i would like to see the home button replaced with on screen software buttons.. If thats the case then i say go for it.. make it 5in.. just don't make the phone itself any bigger.
  • Depends on the screen ratio. Personally, I would like to see a 2:1 ratio screen. That would keep the width manageable, but offer benefits for viewing web pages and video, which often is in a 2.35:1 ratio. Also, it would offer "benefits" like the "wonderous" extra row of icons on the screen and/or the control buttons without that silly single button at the bottom. Then again, Apple might try to sue them for that "revolutionary" feature! UGH! Scott
  • Maybe Samsung should release a device with the same specs, in two screen sizes, where the smaller screen has the same resolution, just higher PPI, and might have to be thicker to fit all the components. So a 5" and a 4" version of the exactly same device, same hardware / specs / CPU aside from the screen sizes.
  • Wont be long until 5g comes along....
  • This would be a bad move. This would immediately cannibalize the momentum and the sales of the S3 and the Note 2. Don't get me wrong, I know technology moves fast, and Samsung has already started work on the S3 successor, but to announce it so early would be a mistake. Samsung has already lost some of it's dominance in the Android market by outstanding offerings from HTC and Sony and Motorola. Nokia is also onto something with it's quirky yet capable Lumia 920. The last thing Samsung needs to do is come out with an entirely new phone less than 7 months since the last one, one that is only now hitting it's stride after the multi-million dollar ad campaigns of the Olympics. Remember the S3 was officially unveiled around May 3rd of this year before going on sale by the end of May, start of June in select places. I'd say they need to focus on their software capabilities before churning out another piece of hardware. They now have a solid base of Galaxy S3 devices out there, and this could be their chance to develop and unify their software and OS structure, much like Apple. Start by fixing the bugs in their numerous apps, start releasing updated Jelly Bean versions, fixing some quirks.
  • "Immediately cannibalize S3 sales" almost a year after it's out. Lets go by announcement dates, since that's what's rumored here. There is almost 8 months from when the S3 was announced till the end of 2012. Almost 2 more months till MWC. That's almost 10 months. Call it 9.5. I wouldn't call that too early by any stretch.
  • Umm... it'll be roughly 9ish months after the announcement of the SG3. Even Apple waits at least a year to announce between devices. The 4s was announced June 2011 and the 5 was announced September 2012. It's way too early especially since Samsung is trying to create a strong brand here. They spent millions designing and advertising the heck out of the SG3. Some countries are still getting it while others have barely had it for a month or so. This will also eat into Note 2 sales. Samsung isn't Apple by any means. They need to unify and establish this brand first before moving on.
  • bull, the s4 wont be released so soon
  • Man I CALL BS . . . NO WAY. That doesn't even make any sense. Why would they completely KILL the sales of the S3 in Under a year? Which is guaranteed to be their highest selling smartphone? . . . This is a ridiculous "RUMOR". I call BS all the way.
  • It's called the "innovation cycle". Firms that have a faster one are more nimble, and can include newer technologies quicker, have repeatedly demonstrated they can compete with the leading/dominant/mind share competitors and WIN. AND it allows Samsung to move the S3 down stream to a mid-level/mainstream phone, like Apple does with the iPhone 4 and 4S with the new iPhone 5 out (no Apple wasn't the FIRST to do this, just the most successful). The timing is also right for the announcement of a WORLD phone like the Galaxy S series for a new release. Heck, both Moto and HTC both do this. And let's face it, a year is a LONG time for a phone to be a flagship product for any manufacturer, the now almost "stodgy" Apple excepted. Scott
  • this is part of the ongoing military strategy to defeat iPhone. Keep the troops coming until Apple just looses all hope.
  • if any of it is true, its going to be the new nexus.
  • That's just silly. Why would they make next year's flagship device a Nexus? That would be pointless, then it couldn't be called the Galaxy S4.
  • Samsung - Ditch the menu button on the 4 please
  • -1 Samsung- Keep the menu button on the s4, please
  • +1 for on screen nav buttons
  • Well, at this rate, when my VZW contract is up, in July '13, I could be looking for a Galaxy S V or VI running Lollipop or Milkshake (Licorice or Marshmallow?? Lemon Drop or Milkyway®??)...HA!!!
  • Someone forgot to read the article. MWC is in another 4 and a half months. By then, the S3 will have been announced 9.5 months prior. How does that equate to an S5 4 months later?
  • Maybe they go the way of Apple and call it the S3S, basically the same phone with few changes
  • Key word right on the title of this article being "RUMORED" here folks. Nothing to worry about here.....move it along!
  • +1 I highly doubt this is true. Why? Well, look at what happened with the iPhone 5 launch. Everything about the phone was leaked out, so every one knew what to expect. There was no "element of surprise," if you will. Also, the Galaxy S3 wasn't unvelied until May. Nothing about the phone was known until Samsung took the wraps off of it. So, unless the phone is a refresh (which I highly doubt it), then Samsung won't unveil anything until May of next year.
  • There was no "element of surprise" because there was no, ahem, surprise. Back in the good old days it was "holy **** that ipod is a phone!" or "holy **** the iphone can make video calls!" or "holy **** the icloud will manage all my downloaded music!" Now it's just "holy moly, the iphone is 18% thinner... chirp chirp chirp ...oh and it's 18% ligher too? oh my"
  • Haha touche my friend +100
  • Wow. LTE? Faster than its predecessor? This seems like it's going to be a revolutionary phone.
    Lol :P Well, to reiterate what others have said, it's rather early to be thinking about a Galaxy S4 already. And I doubt they would announce it in February, right after the release of the Note 2 and (possibly) the Nexus Superior.
  • I love how much snark got poured into this submission. Did you forget that it's your job to crank the rumor mill, or are you getting burned out on the futility of it? If there weren't ever-more-frequent releases, constant competition between brands and models, and a healthy dose of prognosticating by the infamous "unnamed sources" then I bet they would find it pretty hard for to generate the traffic it needs to keep you on the payroll...
  • + 1 on this. Blogs such as Android Central basically operate on rumors and releases because people love to gossip.
  • Nah. Those are the ... other blogs. Perhaps my disdain above was inadequate. We basically operate on coffee and sweet dreams.
  • I know this is just a rumor and all but I am also thinking the phones constantly getting bigger is just a bit much. I thought the 4" to 4.3" screen size was nice. I'm used to my Galaxy Nexus 4.65" now and I am comfortable with it but I'd rather have more top tier phones available at 4.5" or less. I'm hoping the next Nexus isn't a bigger phone meaning taller or wider. If they squeeze a 4.8" screen into the same sized phone then fine, but I would love to start seeing a top tier phone available in 2 screen sizes and not be a lite version. Make less models of phones but instead use the same model hardware and software in a couple sizes, that way the software doesn't have to be completely different for so many devices as well. I'm glad there's plenty of options out there though for people, just want the slightly more normal sized phones to remain relevant. For example I like what Motorola did with the RAZR M.
  • "but I would love to start seeing a top tier phone available in 2 screen sizes and not be a lite version." As much as I like bigger-screened phones and am considering getting the Note 2, I have to agree with you here. I thought the Razr M was a solid offering. It's funny how the Razr M has some good specs, yet is considered a "mid-range" offering because 4.3 inches is no longer considered the ideal size for "top-tier" phones. One size does not fit all.
  • I heard they are skipping the 4 and going straight to 6... that way they will be one better than the iphone! Heard it here first folks.
  • And that's why i Will buy An iphone 5.
    The galaxy s3 is just about 4 month old, Wat about those who got one last week?
    Galaxy note 2 isn't out yet and we already talking about the s4
    Now i understand why Samsung phone feels so shipper and plastic, to save the cost and quickly reales another devise.
  • The timing for a presentation at MWC is probably just natural. As people have said, it would be almost the year after gone by after the presentation of SIII. And a way to be way ahead of any competitor, such as Apple. Either this is a "leak" to make sure people forget about the iPhone 5. Or it may be someone just doing the maths and deciding that since it would be natural for Samsung to hold such a presentation early spring 2013, I just might want to get my name on the plate first and prove to the World how much magical foresight I posess (none). That said, it's probably not a leak, but rather someone speculating freely on something that the rest of the World should be able to realize for themselves.