Massive Galaxy S22 Ultra leak reveals a true Note successor could be on the way

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaked Render
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaked Render (Image credit: Digit / Onleaks)

What you need to know

  • The first renders of the Galaxy S22 Ultra have appeared online.
  • The renders show a device that looks strikingly similar to the Galaxy Note 20.
  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra will reportedly feature a built-in S Pen slot.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has appeared for the first time in a series of CAD renders, showing a device that looks strikingly similar to the Note 20.

The images were posted in collaboration with Digit and known leaker @Onleaks, showing the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a similar chassis to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, from its rounded edges to its boxy frame, but with a slightly different camera hump on the back with a quad-camera array.

However, the most exciting part is that the renders show that the device will include a dedicated slot for an S Pen, suggesting that Samsung is preparing to merge the S and Note lineup.

According to Digit/Onleaks, the device will feature a 6.8-inch curved display with a significantly improved camera setup, although there are no specific details as of yet. It will most likely have a high refresh rate AMOLED, and rumors have indicated that Samsung will equip the S22 Ultra with the latest version of the 108MP camera found on its premium flagships.

The move would not come as much of a shock, considering Samsung's wavering stance on the Galaxy Note series amid the ongoing global chip shortage. The company skipped on the Note series this year and instead decided to give S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

However, there were rumors that the company had planned to merge the Galaxy S and Note lineups at some point, which the company sort of achieved with this year's Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Unfortunately, one of the best Android phones of the year did not come with an S Pen or a slot to put one in, and buyers had to purchase a pen and case separately.

The latest rumors of the Galaxy S22 Ultra suggested that the device would replace the Note series with a dedicated S Pen slot, and if the renders are to be believed, it seems as though Samsung may finally merge the S and Note lineup.

Of course, that would also indicate that a separate Note follow-up would be out of the question.

What do you think of the render? Are you excited that a true Note successor could finally be on the way?

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  • Looks good I'll be getting one for sure
  • That camera layout is brutal.
  • This is an EXCELLENT idea - if true, then Samsung really is listening. It looks as though the Galaxy S & S Plus series will continue as the traditional and popular S phones we've known and loved for years. That's a good idea considering they tend to be good volume sellers. The real change here is replacing the S Ultra with what is effectively a Galaxy Note Ultra. Boxy wide frame with built-in S pen? I'm sold. If this is what Samsung is going to do going forward, then it's the perfect way to merge the S and Note lines. The Galaxy S can continue on with what already works, and the Galaxy S Ultra becomes the Note successor. This is the way.
  • If this does happen, I'm looking forward to it still not being good enough for the Note stans.
  • Looks kinda like My Note 10+ with the pen slot on the other side. Looks good to me.
  • I hope that's not the final camera layout! the S21 Ultra wrap around one is soo much better looking! Outside of that it looks decent, shame they've ditched the SD storage, I expect them to match Apple and introduce a 1TB version.
  • That's the thing.. We don't know if they've ditched the microSD slot on the Note series. They tried that crap with the Note5, but they came to their senses really quickly, and have included it ever since. My Note20 Ultra still has it, but seeing how they ditched the microSD slot this year in their S series line, it's not looking good for this "SNote" combo. 🤞🏿
  • Note20 Ultra is the only one with a micro SD card slot. Regular Note 20 does not. Bad enough to have to give up the head phone jack. Giving up my micro SD card makes me very annoyed.
  • Yeah, I'm not buying any new phone unless it has a micro SD slot. My Note 9 is still working just fine.
  • Well, the camera bump certainly looks better than what they're currently doing. Curved screens are a real failure though. They need to just get over it already.
  • They can call it whatever they want. If it looks like this, I'm all in. And with the silo. 😉
  • Looking forward to seeing how capable this phone will be and how the camera will compare to the Pixel 6 Pro. Looks impressive in the renders. (If it ends up looking like this at all lol). Hopefully not too expensive though.
  • This looks more like some old Note 10/20 successor fan render. The camera layout doesn't make sense neither aesthetically or by the fairly safe rumour it'll have two continuous zoom lenses. The body shape being based on the old Note design is mostly the reason I think this is an old fan render someone dug up and re-labelled.
  • This is a good point. It doesn't make sense to make the cameras like the S20 series when the S21 looks much more modern.
  • Well, if it looks like these renders I'll be happy.
  • Absolutely nice! Looking forward to order one as soon as it will be released next year!
  • Will be my next phone buy if true. Glad I kept the faith and held on to my trusty Note 20 Ultra. My only request at this point is that they KEEP THE SD Card slot - Price/thickness be damned! Let the trendy young crowd have their thin sleek phones with the S/S+ series. The Ultra/Note series is for power users. And powere users want an SD slot.
  • The SD card is the modern 3.5mm port. We want it, but we won't get it.
  • The Note always look cool BUT hold the Note and Ultra and despite having the same size screen, the boxy design makes it significantly bigger to hold. I understand people want the Note back but this I'm one of those people who already finds the Ultra impractical. The OnePlus 9 Pro is hardly small but the difference is big.
  • "The Galaxy S22 Ultra will reportedly feature a built-in S Pen slot." So what you're really saying is, they're killing the Note, by making the Ultra the Note. The Note isn't actually the one being killed but the Ultra is. The Ultra is the Note but not called the Note. Clear as mud then.
  • I read as far as "curved screen" and was immediately turned off. Guess I'll stick with my 20 until it falls apart.
  • If they want to add cameras, why not go back to one of my favorites, the Note 8, where those sensors are centered and flush. I know they need depth, but I wouldn't mind a thicker phone if they could add some battery in there.
  • I wanted the 200 MP sensor and pixel quality photo processing