New rumor claims the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an S Pen slot

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Update, Sep 24 (2:40 a.m. ET): Another rumor claims the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a built-in slot for the S Pen

What you need to know

  • A new rumor suggests Samsung's Galaxy Note line may not make a comeback next year.
  • Instead, the company could make the Galaxy S line more "Note-like."
  • Future Galaxy S series flagships will apparently have less rounded corners and edges.

According to a new tweet from reliable tipster Ice Universe, Samsung may not release a Galaxy Note 20 successor next year.

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If the tipster is to be believed, the Galaxy Note line is "over," and a follow-up to the Galaxy Note 20 may never arrive. Instead, Samsung is apparently going to make a few changes to Galaxy S series to make it more appealing to Note fans.

Despite having S Pen support, the Galaxy S21 Ultra failed to lure Note loyalists as it doesn't offer the full suite of S Pen features that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has. The best Samsung phone of 2021 also lacks a dedicated slot for storing the stylus.

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Samsung's future Galaxy S series flagships are tipped to have a "less rounded" design, but they aren't going to be nearly as boxy as the Galaxy Note series devices. The tipster also suggests the S22 UItra will have a 19.3:9 aspect ratio to accomodate a slot for storing the S Pen.

Since no other details have been revealed yet, it remains to be seen if this means Samsung will launch more than one Galaxy S series phone with S Pen support next year.

In addition to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung is also expected to launch a Galaxy Z Fold 3 successor with S Pen support sometime in the second half of 2022.

Samsung decided not to release a new Note this year due to the global semiconductor shortage. However, it did suggest that a new Galaxy Note model could be released in the future.

Update, Sep 24 (2:40 a.m. ET) ― The Galaxy S22 Ultra will reportedly come with a built-in S Pen slot

A new report from GalaxyClub claims the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a built-in slot for the S Pen, just like Samsung's Galaxy Note series phones. The publication claims to have found evidence of an "S Pen detector" inside the phone, which all but confirms the presence of a dedicated slot. The Galaxy S22 and S22+, however, are said to lack the S Pen detector. This could mean that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the only S22 series phone with S Pen support.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Render Phantom Black Front Official

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

While it may not impress Galaxy Note loyalists, the S21 Ultra is among the best Android flagships you can buy. Aside from S Pen support, the phone offers great camera performance, a gorgeous QHD+ 120Hz screen, and 5G connectivity.

Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • This makes sense overall, even if it's a shame. The reality is the S Pen is super niche and the major reasons why "most" people bought are now in the S Ultra.
  • If this is the case, I might leave Samsung entirely and just get the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Samsung is doing away with all the things of why I purchased a Samsung: Note with S-pen and SD card support.
  • I do think I will be moving on if this is the case, so agree with Sheba510 , Samsung is just starting to look like their competitors with everything they take away.
  • If I knew that Samsung was going to bring a Note to market next year, I would keep my Note 9 until launch date. But like you, I'll be leaving Samsung for a Pixel 6 Pro.
  • I'd kill the note too. S series has good enough specs to stand on its own especially if they include a pen. As a loyal note buyer over the years ive now crossed over to fold 3 and will probably continue with the fold line going forward. Note are cool devices but the pen is not a must have feature for me anymore.
  • Me too, got the free note pack with case, pen and fast charger... Fold is the future, won't ever go back to a slab phone... Very tempted to upgrade my Duo to the new Duo 2, just waiting on the reviews... No pressure Mr Mobile...
  • I also moved on to the Fold series. I did keep my Note 20 Ultra though, still love that device and swap between them every now and then.
  • Samsung may lose a few Note fans, but this is EASILY the best decision. You can't continue to release a phone called the Ultra every year, only to then later in the year say, actually, that wasn't the Ultra, this is! It was confusing and cannibalistic. This transformation was always going to happen, you could see it coming years ago. Note fans all up in their feelings is the funniest thing. Go on and run to Google, with the assumption that they aren't going to also follow what Samsung and Apple do, lmao. OmG...BUt iTs SToCk ANdROid!!
  • Samsung has way too many different models. How about a regular S, an S Pro/Max and an Ultra/Note? Then they can keep the low end A line with a small and large version...and that's it! No FE or any other lettered SKU's!
  • Sadly, the Note will probably end. It's not unlike how businesses used to pride themselves in providing better customer service than the next guy. When the return on investment was not there, they found cheaper alternatives resulting in lower levels of service. The takeaway? Their customers adapted and accepted the change. So no future Note and Samsung's customer service really sucks. What was that Pixel thing someone mentioned?
  • But what about those who arent note fans, but want the S22 ultra experience? We're screwed now? Like I don't care for the note at all, I just want ultra features 😬😬😬