Samsung Galaxy S III sees 9 million pre-orders

Yes you read that correctly, according to a report from ​Korea Economic Daily​ a Samsung executive let it slip that 9 million units have been pre-ordered.  Let that sink in for a minute.  It wasn't that long ago that the Galaxy S II hit the 20 million mark, and now we have its successor reaching half that lofty goal before it's been released.  Impressive to be sure, especially since the US, a large smartphone market, won't see it released until June at the earliest.

With Samsung taking the lions share of phone sales worldwide is there anything that can be done to stop their dominance in the market?  With all the rumors, hype, and expectations leading up to the launch, we already knew Samsung would have a hit on their hands.  Even after the initial euphoria wore off, we were still impressed with what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S III.  While the vote was almost dead even between this and the HTC One X, odds are good that the Galaxy S III won't get stuck in customs.

Jealous of our friends overseas?  Have questions about the phone?  Find your answers in the forums.

Source: Korea Economic Daily; via: Engadget

  • Wow, that's in Apples territory.
  • Samsung just re-wrote the textbook on MARKETING.
  • Have you seen their latest commercial? It's garbage on the scale of the "Droid" commercials.
  • you are right, BUT 9 million is 9 million, i think is more to do with the phone than it is commercial.
  • Dp.
  • Apple is going to sue Samsung over the mondo hype train, super disappointment, massive sales trick. Haha
  • although it wasn't a huge disappointment +1 to that
  • Don't flame me, but it's my understanding that Apple actually sells this amount to consumers during new iPhone launches. The iPhone 4S sold a million first 24 hours and 4million opening weekend. This is not quite the same thing. Edit: not directed towards you but the "fanboyism", hate to even use that word is going a bit overboard now by Android and iOS fans alike. Some of the comments made on android central and imore are truly shocking. I read comments on here earlier by someone wishing Tim Cook would go the way of Steve Jobs. Seriously, people are becoming a bit too involved as imaginary soldiers in their imaginary wars.
  • whoa that is way overboard. I was just poking a little fun. Samsung makes good products. Apple makes good products. They both inspire and push each other.
  • And sue each other? :D Though I guess in that category, Apple wins hands down. But yes, both make good products. Just that Apple keeps suing and keeps losing their respect in my eyes.
  • Those 4 million iPhones in the first long weekend include pre orders, which Apple now takes for iPhone launches. So it seems it is a pretty similar thing. ;)
  • yes but the iPhone is only one product that people can choose from, Samsung has to compete against a lot more android devices so if you put all of the sells of the other android devices you will see that android actually sells more, so my point to this is that Samsung is doing something very impressive here.
  • uum if you preorder it you are buying it, and apple had a lot of preorders as well but nowhere near 9 million.
  • and it's not even for sale in the US yet... well i guess if u want an international version to use on t-mobile
  • will it work on T-mobile 3g/4g?
  • you are right that its not by us but carriers but for samsung its still a sale...for samsung there customers are the carriers and the carriers customers are us...the fact that carriers have ordered 9million where as the s3 had orders of 3million by carriers show that there is a huge demand for the sure the carriers have done there research and have checked how many pre orders they have to have ordered that many.
  • Ha!!!!!! Take that iSheep phone!!!!!!
  • Given Samsung's past when it comes to pre-orders, the lion's share of these are not customer pre-orders. They are pre-orders from carriers of units that they anticipate they will sell. Its actually an important difference, because those pre-orders from carriers could end up sitting in stores for a while before they actually find a home.
  • the phone is a hair away from launching and customer pre-orders started shortly after the announcement of the device. Carriers are putting in actual orders by now, not pre-orders.
  • You've hit the nail on the head. Not even the iPhone4S reached these numbers. These are obviously carrier commitments, not customer pre-orders.
  • Wow, 9million preorders!!?????!! That's crazy. HTC needs to learn from Samsung. You have to release a super good phone like the S2 so the following year you get a strong demand for the following phone. That's how apple does it.
  • Like the OneX?
  • nope, like the SGS3.
  • ooooh so you want HTC to release a HTC One X made out of junk instead of quality materials?
  • The One X and S3 are both made of polycarbonate actually, The S3 just has a hyperglaze finish.
  • +1 They are both made of plastic! Just a different Finish. So get over it.
  • DUDE, they are made out of the same thing.
  • Machined unibody polycarbonate is better than multi-piece thin polycarbonate.  Both phones might be solid, but the One X does have the edge in build quality just by the way it's manufactured.
  • When and how got this pre-orders reach 9m. My personal opinion I can't believe it. This is sale person is game.
    end story
  • ?????????
  • That made about as much sense as "All our base are belong to us."
  • So just because you don't believe it that makes it so, huh?
  • I'm not surprised if this is true but I find a moderate start and steady sales throughout the phone lifetime a better sign for the quality of the device weighing in rather than hype.
  • One of the other sites also said the factories are turning out 5 mil. phones a month. That's almost 2 months worth of preorders. I am assuming this doesn't include any NA numbers. If this is true, how does US get any phones before July?
  • This phone deserves all the success. It's not about better marketing or HTC not making a good phone, lets just focus on the GS III itself. The Galaxy series have all been great phones and its easy to overlook that when everybody is complaining about the 'ugly design', 'plastic body' and all that stuff. Samsung are at the top for a reason, they put more effort into their devices (both hw and sw) than competitors. If this had been announced in the US, it would be ~15 million preorders. This phone is going to break previous sales records.
  • Yeah they extra staff members putting extra effort into their new devices while the updates department is a ghost town!
  • that only true in us versions... all international ones got the update faster than other company... dont blame the samsung....blame the shitty carriers that we have in this country..
  • Good post ECrispy!!!
  • I think what they should do is have 15m READY the 1st week! That handles pre-orders, launch day sales, and 1st week sales both online & in stores.
  • Yeah. I call B.S. Until I see actually statistical data proved that phones were ordered by ACTUAL CUSTOMERS instead of stores "PREORDERING" their shipments then is a load of crap. The hype train didn't even start. There wasn't anything at stood out of this phone. It was a sheer disappointment in my eyes minus the Exynos. It's a giant piece of marketing Bullcrap. In the exact same way Sony uses "shipped" consoles as total sales. If it is true...hypothetically. It's not even impressive....if you seriously do have 242+ markets across THE ENTIRE WORLD, with a population of 7 Billion and you can squander only 9 million? I'm a die android fan to the phone with my GN. But those number are pedestrian if the iPhone opened to 242+ markets simultaneous. That's real marketing hype samsung. Not crappy weird videos during your presentation. Sincerely,
    *disgruntled and disappointed Ex-GS2 user* This phones can go to hell. HTC one X + Stock Android FTW.
  • You don't sound like you have an axe to grind or anything.
    What did Sammy do to you? Steal your lunch money and stuff you in a locker? *satisfied Skyrocket user and future SGSIII owner*
  • Samsung beat up his grammar and stole his spelling.
  • Lmao
  • Please enlighten me about what is sooo
    great about the HTC One X??? Both the battery & memory are NON-USER accessible. That's enough to piss me, and many, many other people off just for that one reason. At least Samsung gives people choices between 16/32, and even 64GB configurations, +PLUS+ both memory & battery expansion, whereas the One X is limited to a measly 16gigs,...really, 16gigs? Please, enlighten me about what is so intriguing about the limited One X. And who gives a crap about Sense Vs. TouchWiz, people can always download Go Launcher EX, or whatever they like.
  • Please enlighten me on what is sooooo great about the GSIII??? Lol, its not even out yet and the One X just came out of the womb... yet someone is always on here being a fan of their manufacturer of choice (btw the One X comes 32 gig not 16). Pretty soon AC is gonna be a joke.... it's upsetting.
  • The AT&T One X only has 16gb of internal storage.
  • Stop fighting please :D They are both good phones, with advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. HTC One X loses points for non-removable battery and no microSD slot, but 32GB is enough, so not a biggie. SGS3 loses points for a design that is not good (in my opinion) and for still using TouchWiz that doesn't look much better.
    On a general note: Both are great phones, and it just depends on what you want. Considering the Snapdragon S4 is on par with both Exynos and Tegra 3 in most things, comparing those processors is another thing i find to be a waste of time. That oh so powerful Mali 400 won't ever see its power being used to the fullest, thanks to developers needing to make the game run on other hardware. On the other hand, the Tegra 3 will see exclusive games (though people will crack them to run on other hardware) as well. So it's all 'you win some, you lose some'.
    Me, I'm just happy with my Gnex :D
  • No micro SD slot & removeable battery enable the device to look & feel much better than the SGS3, plus - my HOX has quad core & 32gb, so plenty of space & speed, you also get the non-pentile screen & a camera with an f2.0 aperture lens, a dedicated image processing chip whilst having a multi-stage flash, OTA updates, nvidia exclusive games, & sense 4 is better than touchwiz, TW still looks & feels like gingerbread. There are many reasons why the HOX definately brought it this year, Samsung have blatently copied some of the HOX features - that is for certain.
  • How can Samsung copy the One X when they came out so close to each other? Really? People are concerned about "look & feel"? That to me sounds like what an IPhone person would say. Personally I care about FUNCTION. AND people who care about function like to be able to have an extended capacity battery, more memory than what manufacturer puts in. Choice & functionality are better than "look & feel"
  • Having actually used both (even for a short time), the S3 wins. Its nicer to hold, faster, slicker and all those new features REALLY impress. The S3 is also made of polycarbonate, its just glazed. The S3 camera sensor is better (they both have Samsung sensors, but the S3 one is newer), its also just as fast despite the lack of the image chip (which is just there to compensate for the slow T3 and/or HTCs poor software).
  • Newer doesn't equal better.  The Galaxy Nexus had a fairly new sensor, too...   The T3 has it's own ISP that HTC decided not to use because they weren't all going to have the T3.  So they adopted a separate chip to keep image quality consistent regardless of which SoC powered the phone.  It will probably make ROM building more difficult, but it makes sense from a consumer standpoint ("why does my One X take better/worse pictures than yours?").
  • "At least Samsung gives people choices between 16/32, and even 64GB configurations" You don't know if that will be true in the US. "what is sooo great about the HTC One X??" Go play with one and you will see. It's a great phone.
  • The $$ Samsung makes is from the phones that carriers/retailers buy to sell to consumers--thus, even if these figures are carrier/retailer preorders, its still an immense amount of success. Also, if you think this phone isn't going to outsell its predecessor, you are just wrong.
  • If these numbers are accurate, it makes me wonder what the customers are coming from. Nokia is supposed to be big in Europe, and I'm wondering if we are starting to see a big defection from that platform.
  • Lol I'm pretty sure there are more than 9 million people in Europe...that statistic shouldn't be surprising since there are many people there with galaxy s2 and even the OG galaxy s. They're probably looking for an upgrade
  • Europe has been defecting from Nokia for quite some time now. Android and iOS penetration are pretty high across Europe.
  • Good point skyboxer!!! We'll have to wait til 3rd qtr results for that sorta info.
  • Good point skyboxer!!! We'll have to wait til 3rd qtr results for that sorta info.
  • I'm just saying evo LTE has a SD slot. I'm just saying,
  • Thank you. These Samsung fanboys make me laugh. LOL
  • too bad it's on Sprint... uhhh Sprint is soooo slowww by me (Central/ North Jersey). I often have a hard time streaming music without skips on 3G. i just a speed test today and got like 130 kbps with a 2 second ping. that is totally pathetic, and i ran it 3 times.
  • Yeah man I feel ya. I live in the Quad Cities area in IL and my data speeds are horrible. Probably will just stick with Sprint and get the Evo LTE
  • I want the GSIII, but my Epic Touch has problems, making it not so Epic... Since I just used my upgrade on this phone, I will probably hold out for the GS4 and a new upgrade...
  • The Galaxy SIII will be a beast. I would have liked a better design, but we all know by now that design is pretty much a feature saved for the Nexus line. HTC just doesn't do it for me, even though it appears the HOX is a great phone, the locked boot loader its all ATT fault just doesn't cut it. Aside from the phones, I like owning a product from a company that has balls. HTC appears to me to be cowering to Apple,while Samsung is opening stores (expect Apple to.sue.over
  • What a bunch of haters can't stand that the iphone is outdated, admit it and be done. I phone looks like a nano compared to the new phones, need binoculars to watch shows.
  • Damn galaxy haters, i dnt see the point in all the hate. sammy is doing something right to get numbers like that and be the top android distributor, while htc is near bottom. Dnt like it then dnt ge it plain and simple.
  • Sounds like quantity over quality. Let's hope Samsung's QA (Quality Control) is up to the task... ;P
  • Fantastic. (sarcasm) Now Samsung will continue to produce fugly phones because they are selling.
  • Ha! I hear that!, i have a Galaxy Nexus and its a great phone, but it is fugly! (And flimsy)
  • Yeh true, but im already hearing of issues with htc one x. Im sure there is more to come. But at the end of the day it doesnt matter which brand has issues. As long as the phone i choose to spend my money on doesnt. And seems like much more ppl rather spend their dollar on a sammy lmao, so do your thing samsung, whatever it is its working.
  • I will miss quality phones with 4.3 inch displays. My GNex is to big for comfortable use
  • Interesting point nobody talks about, I became fond of the penile display the 3D, my OG evo 4.3 was hard enough to reach the far side with just one thumb. I haven't held one of the 4.7's yet, and I'm hoping it's not going to bother me. If I had to guess I'd say that MIGHT be one of the unexpected negatives to these bigger phones that nobody talks about cuz they're convinced that regardless of comfort bigger is better. I might even be one of em
  • Is it just me or does every comment thread turn into a tangent over GS III vs OneX/LTEvo? Regardless of the subject Phil/Jerry/AC are writing about?
  • Bigger screens are of much better use for those of us with larger hands. So they do have there place/need.Not everyone has baby sized hands, and the large beautiful display is just a plus of course. Same with cars, not everyone is comfortable in a honda civic or a ford focus ha!
  • I hear you, so the 4.7 is really useful if you can palm a basketball?
  • HTC needed this one or two month head start in the US. If this patent thing extends too long HTC is really going to be in a hurt box.
  • What the hell is wrong with these people. Hellooooo these are just phones...try one don't like it, change it at least we have a lot of choices when it comes to phones. They are all good products and obviously one is always going to fit your needs more than the other. Relax why does it have to be about having the best most advanced piece of technology there is, just go with what best fits your needs and style. Just my 2 cents!!
  • exactly @ kiDd get what best fits your needs and that makes it the perfect device. @ mthII thats right about hand size, im 6'3-6'4 with pretty big hands so a 4.5-4.8 would be a great fit for me to type on, giving me adequate spacing so less mistakes and less hassle of having to delete and start a a word over.I have a 4" now on my epic 4G its ok, but i need a bit larger...that should be perfect.