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Samsung Galaxy S III heading to T-Mobile U.S. on June 20?

The Samsung Galaxy S III is still real hot news, and quite rightly so. As we approach the impending international launch -- starting May 29 in case you forgot -- the big release date questions are still coming from eager Android fans in the US. According to a rumor posted by TmoNews, ​for T-Mobile at least, the wait might not be too much longer. 

Apparently, the Pebble Blue variant of the Galaxy S III, in both 16GB and 32GB form, will be available from June 20. The 16GB Ceramic White version will then follow on July 11. This follows on from the leaked June 20 graphics showing availability north of the border in Canada. (And this latest leak also pegs the Galaxy Note for July 11, so there's that.)

Big disclaimer though folks as usual, this is a huge old scoop of rumor. Nothing short of what we'd expect with such a massive launch as this one. But Samsung did show off an enormous "U.S. in June" slide at the London keynote, so there is a possibility of there being something behind this one. 

Source: TmoNews thanks junglejunkie! 

  • yes, more news on SGS3. i love SGS3
  • They get the GS3, but no One X? Jeez.
  • Must be nice to be a tmobile subscriber. Congratulations! I've been waiting for an announcement or just a little bit of hope for the Note to come to sprint but I might have to make a move! Tmobile seems to listen to their customers!
  • Has anyone ever met someone who actually uses T-mobile?
  • I use T-Mobile and I love it. I get great reception and fast web speed. Most importantly, I only pay less than $130 for 5 lines. I don't think too many people out there have that kind of price plan. The only missing piece of the puzzle is a top of the line smartphone. Well.....we are getting the S3 and the Note, so I am very happy :)
  • Also a very happy T-Mobile customer,(Boston suburb)and love it. Get very fast data speeds and have not dropped a call in two years. When I was with AT&T I was dropping calls daily. The only negative thing I can say about T-Mobile was not a very good selection of phones, this news is just fantastic. Getting the SGS3 and the Note at the same time, I might just buy both of them. Thank You T-Mobile. Customer service has also improved allot in the last few months.
  • In Chicago, T-Mobile is terrific so I know quite a few people who use it. Service in the retail stores has always been very good as well. At&t is notoriously bad here. May have gotten somewhat better over the years but I'm still apprehensive about switching carriers.
  • Good point.
  • Happy T-Mobile customer here! Enjoying fast data speeds at a reasonable price! Never really had an issue either. Around my area it's T-Mobile > AT&T > Verizon > Sprint
  • You guys are missing out on great phones, and LTE. So how can they be better than the rest?( Not trying to seem like an ass or anything of that nature)
  • Because all of that costs a lot more for you. When do you actually need LTE speeds? I use my phone everyday and HSPA+ is fine. I mean, I can't compare it to LTE because I haven't really used LTE but some of you act like HSPA+ is dial up or something -- pages load smoothly for me. Would I like LTE? Yeah, but not at those prices and caps. I'm on the internet a lot more on my computer than on my phone so how do you justify it? My FIOS internet costs as much as these plans yet I depend more on FIOS than on mobile internet. (and there is no cap on computer internet) Missing "top" tier phones has been a problem but it's not like they don't have any smartphones at all. Plus, you can always use an unlocked phone -- problem solved. Now that they're getting S3 quickly, that's another plus.
  • T-mo covers pretty much all of los angeles and every major city in california, so yes, I know quite a few people.
  • Have had T-Mobile for going on 12 years now. It's Amazingly reliable, it's HSPA+ 42 network is unbelievably fast, its customer service is top notch, and they get some really killer hardware. With the refarming of their HSPA+ to PCS and w/ LTE Advanced compatible category 10 hardware coming early next year, I think its the best carrier on the market and even after so long I still wouldn't leave them.
  • I'm sorry to say you live in a very tiny world.
  • My wife uses T mobile after getting pissed at AT&T years ago. Glad to see this is coming to T Mobile. I convinced her to hold off on the One S for the SGSIII. I am on AT&T and I am thinking June 17th for Father Day!
  • i thought verizon was getting this first?
  • I think that was wishful thinking. T-Mobile is getting the quad core version just like Europe so I guess it pays to be the fourth largest carrier. Everyone else had to wait for the dual core version. If something good doesn't hit Verizon soon I'm going to get aRezound.
  • why would the US get a dual core version? and id advise you don't get a rezound because of horrid battery life and lackluster development.
  • Because US carriers want LTE, so it'll probably be the Snapdragon S4 version like the One X on AT&T
  • Quad core is not LTE capable at the moment. Only GSM carriers can have quad core.
  • I love my rezound. Favorite. phone. ever.
  • Verizon is getting a new HTC phone soon that will be better than the Rezound for sure! Look it's one of the new incredible line
  • I doubt it, Why didnt TMobile use the Exynos chip with the S 2 like every other carrier?
  • hspa42+
  • i get the feeling V will be getting it last. Really sucks because my contract is up w/ Sprint and im dying for some fast LTE w/ a GS3
  • Maybe all the carriers are getting it on the 20th. Wouldn't that be a miracle.
  • I have the SGS2 with T-Mobile and the Rezound with Verizon. I am thrilled with this news. According to Negri Electronics the International Version is also to have the T-Mobile 1700 Radio installed. This was told to Negri by someone from Samsung, they will not confirm this until the shipments are received. If that is true I will buy the International Version. This imfo is on their site with an asterik* next to the 1700 radio. I have been talking to them every day for about a week.
    The Rezound is the best phone on Verizon, it has the best radios and the strongest signal. Now with S-off it is just over the top. The phone has the fastest GPS lock and everything just works. This phone does not get the praise it deserves, I have had all the Verizon phones and this without a doubt is the best. Just My Opinion.
  • Since T-Mo has no LTE, they should get the quad core version
  • they will get a dual core for the same reason the gs2 is a snapdragon. hspa 42+ the exynos only supports hspa 21+
  • That's what I don't get about T-mobile. Even at hspa 42+ the phones never get anywhere near that high. hspa 21+ is sufficient enough. It would make things much easier since the phones will be closer in spec to the international versions.
  • HSPA+ 42 in my area averages 20 to 30MBps, I think that's reasonably high for its theoretical limits.
  • nationwide average of speeds in hspa42 markets seems to be like 10-15mbs, from what people are reporting. Still comparable to LTE and hspa84 would blow LTE out of the water but it seems tmo rather have an LTE network compatible with everyone else
  • finally some good news for tmo, after such mediocre phones for so long. Atleast they do have pretty good speeds, im with sprint and they need to step those speeds up for real. I get decent wimax speed but rhey need to step up lte in a hurry.
  • I've been waiting and hoping Tmo got a new flagship device. I wanted the Note and now I can get it. Tmo has the best service here in Vegas. Now I can cancel my Evo LTE and keep my unlimited everything plan for $70 on Tmo.
  • I think the colors are backwards... any unboxing video I've seen shows the white SG3, and the rest of the world is reporting rumors of delays for the pebble blue SG3. So more than likely you will see the white version before the blue one, not vice versa.. But these are all just rumors so who knows....
  • I have T-Mobile and service is pretty great here and I know many people with their service, my sister is a store manager in one of their many retail stores here in New York City. Every corner you turn u see a T-Mobile store:D haha
  • Wow, a small carrier like T-Mobile is going to get this device long before Verizon will? Verizon is just getting snub more and more.
  • who says tmo is getting it first?
  • Good! Verizon will probably mess up like they did with the Galaxy Nexus.
  • Lol t mobile is a small carrier?? What are you smoking. Currently rocking the HTC one s but as soon as the gs3 drops I'm getting that too lol.
  • you are aware that T-Mobile is still a National carrier right? 33 Million subscribers may be less than the others, but its HARDLY small.
  • TMo may be 4th in the states, but they are quite big in Europe. Business relationships useful overseas.
  • There's been reports about the blue version being delayed worldwide . How come tmo gets the blue before the white one. Either way, I'm getting whichever comes out first.
  • the delay is only a rumor and UK preorders are right on time.
  • I'm with Sprint and I'm getting the Evo LTE & the galaxy III. Congrats to t mobile subscribers. I love where mobile tech is going. I can't wait til they start advancing battery technology. My 3d sucks in that arena.
  • I am not a tech expert or anything like that but I like to know if anyone can tell me which phone is better for normal use. I don't use it for extensive gaming, except for surfing the net and youtube watching. If GS3 comes with Snapdragon S4 processor and Note comes with S3 processor with ICS, which is a better phone ? Btw, I don't mind the size of the Note since I have big Any advise would help.....thank you.