Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches in South Korea on SKT, LG U+ and KT

Samsung has announced the South Korean launch of its new 5.5-inch smartphone, the Galaxy Note 2. By now we're all familiar with the Note 2's impressive spec sheet -- a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos CPU, 2GB of RAM, 5.5-inch 720p non-PenTile HD SuperAMOLED display, 4G LTE connectivity. Today the device launches across all three main South Korean carriers -- SKT, LG U+ and KT, where it'll be available in "marble white" and "titanium grey" colors.

The South Korean launch marks the start of the Galaxy Note 2 World Tour, as the device spreads its reach across the globe. Samsung says it'll offer the Note 2 across 260 carriers in 128 countries, including all major U.S. and European networks.

The next stop for the Galaxy Note 2 is London, where it makes its UK debut on Oct. 1. For more on the Note 2, check out our hands-on coverage from IFA 2012.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Translated)

Alex Dobie
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  • If I buy this phone and import it (from Europe or wherever) will it work on TMO USA 42Mbps? Gonna buy it off contract anyway...
  • You should just wait and get the Tmobile version in November.
  • Well if it's gonna be the exact same phone for the same price why wait?
  • I would wait for confirmation that it works. If it's LTE you're looking for, the Europe version, aka International, then there's no LTE anyway.
  • A lot easier to exchange if you have issues with it and you know what your getting when you walk out that door.
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  • Can't wait! Be preordering for US Cellular here in a couple of weeks!
  • When will AC have a Note 2 inhand to really test?
  • Can't wait for this to come to T-Mobile but I will wait...not that long anynow. I'm anxioux to see some reviews so please 'Review Away' all of you that can! Way to go, come on T-Mobile!!!!