Samsung to announce Continuum tonight, close NASDAQ; manual also available

Samsung announced a while back that it would hold a media get-together tonight, and while there has been some rampant (and wholly unconfirmed) speculation that the event would see the reveal of the Nexus Two (or Nexus S), it is far more likely that the event is focused on the Verizon-bound Samsung Continuum (read our hands-on here). No matter what Samsung has up its sleeve, our very own Dieter Bohn will be at the event and will be providing all of us with live coverage, so make sure you stop by when the party kicks off at 6 p.m. Eastern tonight.

In other Continuum news, Verizon seems to have posted part of the page for the device on its website. In addition, the user manual for the device is available.

Finally, to help celebrate the launch of "a new Android handset", Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer, Omar Khan, will be at the New York Stock Exchange today to ring the closing bell. [MarketWatch, PhoneArena]

Kyle Gibb