Samsung drops ICS source code for Note 10.1, Tab 10.1, and Tab 7 plus

Samsung is keeping busy this weekend, as they have released the source-code for the GPL portions of the software for the Galaxy Note 10.1, as well as the Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 7 plus.  We're happy to see source code on time for the Note 10.1, but having the code for an ICS kernel for the Tab 10.1 and Tab 7 plus is even better news for the hacker inside each of us -- having the right kernel source will help folks to build fully functional AOSP-based ROMs. 

For most of us, this means sitting back and waiting for the inevitable announcement from the developer(s) of the ROM we're running, so we can download it, flash it, and hope it boots. For the developers though, this means a busy weekend of compilation and experimentation. Be sure to show them a little bit of love when they get things ready to share. 

Source: Samsung OpenSource (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Does this mean ota for the us galaxy tab 10.1 is coming soon?
  • The UK version works perfect. No need to wait. Just hit up the forums for directions on how to do the ODIN install of ICS.
  • ICS is already out for the TAB 10.1 dude
  • The Verizon 10.1 tab also?
  • It's not on my wifi only version.
  • Neither my US-bought wifi only version.
  • he must be thinking of the uk version or the GT2 10.1
  • I would but its my dad's tablet now ( I sold it to him and got myself a nexus7) he wants the us version (flash or ota) dont ask me why.
  • I had better get a camera fix for AOKP M6 on my Galaxy Tab 10.1!
  • All I read was "Samsund drops ICS" lol
  • Any ICS love for the Tab 8.9?