Samsung brings the S20 with mmWave to Verizon this June

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series All Three
Samsung Galaxy S20 Series All Three (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Verizon is launching an mmWave compatible Galaxy S20 this June.
  • It ships in a Verizon exclsuive Cloud-White shade.
  • The wallet busting $1000 price tag is is also present, with the option of a $41.66 24-month payment plan.

Samsung and Verizon are launching a new version of the Galaxy S20 this June. Equipped with mmWave 5G or what Verizon calls 5G Ultra Wideband, it'll be given the unfortunate name of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW. Verizon already offers the Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra with mmWave support, so the smaller Samsung phone means there's a size and spec option for all hand and wallet sizes if you're a Verizon customer.

Why Sub-6 is better than mmWave for the immediate 5G future

As for the internals of this device, it's the same as the already really well-specced Galaxy S20 we've known for a while. When reviewing that model earlier this year, Android Central's Ara Wagoner noted:

Speaking purely from a value standpoint, the Galaxy S20 is the clear winner of the series. For at least $200 less than the other models, you get just as good a camera experience, the same excellent performance, distinct Samsung software, a more pixel-dense screen, and a reasonably-sized phone that will actually fit in a ladies' hand and in some jean pockets. Oh, and you get actual colors instead of boring black and grey.

It'll set you back $1,000 (or $999.99 if you want to get technical). There's also the option of a 24-month payment plan set at $41.66 per month. Pre-orders open May 21st, with shipping from June 4th. And last but ostensibly the least, it comes in a Verizon-exclusive Cloud White.

Michael Allison