Samsung bringing Airplay competitor SwipeIt to CES

Love or hate Apple products, the AirPlay feature is an excellent way of sharing your mobile content on your TV. In a not overly surprising move, Samsung are keen to get in on this and are set to show of their SwipeIt application at CES. 

Operation is set to be as simple as Airplay. If you're watching something on your mobile device, hit a button and voila; it's on your TV. 

Android Central @ CES

The application started being pushed out by Samsung on New Year's Day to all their internet connected TVs. The mobile application was pushed out to the Android Market a couple of days later, albeit very low key. The listing is referenced to MOVL who built it for Samsung. 

While Apple's alternative requires an all Apple lineup to utilise, SwipeIt will work with any Android device as our graphic below indicates. This is great news for anyone who owns a Samsung SmartTV but prefers a different brand of mobile device. Download links are after the break.

Source: @akumar overflow

  • So it's like Allshare but for all android devices? Cool!
  • It would be better if the app was compatible with google tv also. So it can reach out to more of the consumer. But great idea, i just think making it google tv compatible would set this app off.
  • I would love that, but I don't see samsungs motivation to do that unless they make a Google TV, or set top box.
  • I swear say what you want about samsung but they are the only onrs with the horse power to keep up with Apple in every category
  • I agree as far as you went, it I wish Samsung would also take a hint from other android makers, and do things different than apple, rather than match what they have already done.
  • ^ Which is why I own the captivate, gs2, tab 10.1, and soon a 51" plasma 3d and 3d smart Blu-Ray.
  • Is it really "hit a button and voila; it's on your TV." or is it "FIRST change the input on your TV and a bunch of other things THEN hit a button and voila"? That's one of the things I hate about boxes like Apple TV and Boxee Box. They work great but switching between content you get through them and live TV is not as easy and quick as they make it out to be.
  • The TV app is installed directly on the TV, so there's theoretically no reason it shouldn't always be running?  Let's see what the demos bring :)
  • Is it all Samsung internet-connected TVs or SMART TVs (I think the latter is a subset). I have a 2009 there a list of compatible sets?