Samsung asks: What's your Tab life?; next 'Unpacked' event at CTIA

The spring CTIA event is just a few short weeks away, and Samsung Mobile's starting to tease its next "Unpacked" event. The event at MWC in early February was dubbed "Letters From the World," and up next we have "What's your Tab life?" with the number(s) 78910 underneath.

We're betting that has something to do with the perfect tablet size. Sammy's already got the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab, of course, and it unveiled a 10-inch Honeycomb version in Barcelona. Will we get 8- and 9-inch versions to go along with them? We'd probably bet against that, but stranger things have happened. (Update: Yeah, an 8.9-inch tablet could well be it.) Find out March 22, we guess. [Facebook]

Phil Nickinson