[Rumor] HTC Thunderbolt specs? Or just a dream made of unicorn blood?

Stop what you're doing, take a second and click the picture you see above.  If you're reading on your phone, run to a computer -- you want to see this.  Supposedly these are the specs for the European version of the HTC Thunderbolt, and they are amazing.  Almost too amazing.  According to HTCInside.de (a German HTC blog and fansite), the Thunderbolt will be released with the Qualcomm MSM8960 dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, Gingerbread, an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, and support for 128GB SDXC cards.

Is it real? Heck, we don't know, and honestly, none of us thinks these specs are right.  But we offer it as-is, for you guys to dissect in the Thunderbolt forums.  Just don't go blaming us if your heart gets broken. [HTCInside.de (German) via Pocketnow]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Jeez Jerry make me drool much...
  • that would be awesome. but like you said we can dream and wait till the 6th
  • I hope you mean 128GB sd cards...
  • Nope. That kind of capacity only comes with SDXC cards. They also are full size, and a 64 GB one costs $443.00 o_O http://www.google.com/products/catalog?rlz=1C1SNNT_enUS393US393&q=SDXC+c... so yeah, I think all this is BS, but we have a wait and see.
  • price also depends on its class (2,4, 6, 10 etc) that one's a class 10. it's definitely possible though. if it actually supports SDXC cards there's no reason it couldn't be designed to accept all types of SDXC capacities that existing today. side thought - hopefully HTC announces some equally impressive 3G phones for Verizon as well ..since there's no 4G in most areas yet, and im sure there'll be a higher price for a 4G data plan on phones.. UNLESS.. you can select a 3G plan on this phone and they can just restrict it to 3G speeds :)
  • And it finally hit me. Fixed :)
  • DEAR GOD.... IT'S AMAZING... too late my hopes are up way too high now Haha.
  • ...and so are mine, but it does sound a bit too good to be true. a 5mp FRONT cam? im not saying that its theoretically impossible, but if a 1.3mp FF cam is rare than 5? sems like 1.3 or 3 is more realistic. ...and as for the processor, well im not THAT familiar with the latest bleeding edge processors, so no comment.
  • no i agree but still wouldnt that be amazing? it would certainly shut all those people up who say its just the evo again. maybe an evo two but definitely an upgrade.
  • It would shut them up AND put HTC right at the front of the pack again, and also make Google look TOTALLY silly for going with Samsung for the Nexus S. Dear HTC, let it be true!!!
  • I hate how HTC names their phones... People will so easily confuse the Thunderbolt with the Evo.
    Anyway, good to see this on Verizon.
    The specs are awesome... but tbh the only thing the Evo lacked was the GPU power. A lot of these things are unnecessary, but always welcome. :)
  • I really don't see how people will confuse the words Evo and Thunderbolt. Really though, even if they named this one the Devo, would it matter if they got "confused"? It takes 3 seconds to clear up. "Is that the Sprint Evo?" "Nope, it's the Verizon Devo" "Ok".
  • Evo lacks decent internal storage too. Wish they put at least 4GB in there.
  • this is so retarded they spelled camera wrong if whoever posted this picture on the internet was trying to scam someone they need some grammer classes
  • Its not in english. its german. read the whole post.
  • Before you complain about spellling, you should learn to spell yourself. The word is spelled grammar, not grammer. Grammer is the last name of the guy who played. Frasier Crane. Kelsey Grammer.
  • WHAT!? If these specs are real... I just found my new phone!
  • Hope we don't have to wait long for the release of these new phones, my upgrade is itching to be used.
  • same here
  • Same here
  • Same here
  • These alleged specs are a bit too much for such a product, I think.
  • So, announced at CES for a June launch or when is it supposed to release?
  • I hope its not that far out. I may not make it that long lol.
  • If you read up a little on the processor that is claimed in this picture it makes sense. It is an lte 4G/3G chip that supports all of the 3G modes according to Smartphonebenchmarks.com.
  • I disagree. If read up a little on the processor you'd see that it is a 28nm process and won't hit market for another year.
  • And wasn't even announced until Nov 16 2010
  • Ok ok I'm sorry got a little ahead of myself. I just want it to be true so badly.
  • Wouldn't the processor be a cortex a9
    If so I can't see the specs being to far off look at the tegra 2 its already out and its a dual core 1ghz cortex a9 and supposively its capable of being clocked up to 2ghz and up to 4 cores.
  • Double post
  • That phone would be perfect if it had a SAMOLED display.
  • Lets just hope it's not another recycle of the washed out HD2/EVO/Desire HD/HD7 display, and is a SLCD at the very least.
  • WOW, that's an awesome battery (for HTC)
    1800 mAh!!
  • Have no issue read that photo on my X. Dl why do I need to use the computer hey it has a kickstand
  • Look, its god! oh wait...
  • I call BS I want this phone to be great, but that doesn't even make sense
  • some of this is crap unless HTC hates americans because i know we arent getting that stuff the 1800MaH battery sounds fucking awesome though would love to have one come with my phone
  • Outstanding but it's still an HTC so I will pass. Besides if HTC brings this imagine what moto will deliver in the Droid line.
  • lol not likely...you know the info is inaccurate as soon as you read the 5mp front facing camera...nice to dream though
  • Check out www.qualcomm.com/news/releases/2009/02/16/qualcomm-introduces-world-s-fi... That new snapdragon doesn't seem to be a rumor at least
    Hoping for the best!
  • Does this new chip allow for data access while on a call? The link you posted mentions sv-do, simultaneous voice-data operation.
  • The specs read more like a GSM phone, not Verizon CDMA crap.
  • If these are actually the specs I will break up with Sprint and Marry Verizon (assuming that's where it's going)
  • If only!
  • This would be a cool phone...I bet some things will be scaled down some. Verizon doesn't typically release the highest end hardware all on one phone. I think anyway.
  • I really wouldn't be surprised because onone of the ads did say "its not your dream phone its the oneone after..." so I'm expecting some pretty amazing specs
  • stop what you doin'........cause im about to ruin the style and image your used too....my name is humpty pronounced with a "umpty....lol.....thats all i got when i read the first words.....
  • I don't think the specs they are showing real. There is no way to have a 5 megapixel front facing camera, we have a little over 1 more week to wait till Verizon's press conference. Then we will find out.
  • There is no reason you could not have a 5meg FF camera. These are getting so cheap there is no point in stocking anything less. Probably the lower res cams are getting hard to find since it costs about the same to make a 2mp cam as a 5mp these days. You don't have to run it full resolution for Video calling over 3G.
  • We could video chat on our phones nowdays ofcourse its position to have a 5mp front facing camera
  • Well these specs would definitely be the specs of "the phone after my dream phone". But I am pretty sure HTC doesn't mean that statement how we all wish it did. I will hold my breath until CES.
  • Sweet Momma!! If only its true, so sick.
  • I'm really excited to see what CES brings.
  • there is no way this is true
  • One thing though, we're talking about Verizon. This could very well be the European version but it won't do us any good. I can and I will dream though.......Hmmmmmmmm the HTC ad says the one after that.
  • Where is Droid-Life when you need them to leak some specs on this thing? Oh well, I'd love for it to be true as far as the front facing camera and Gingerbread but I'm still not sold on having a dual core if Android isn't currently capable of taking advantage of that power supply until at least Honeycomb.
  • Way to good to be true. I expect more out of android central than posting crap like this on their front page.
  • Rumors get posted on this, and every blog. If "crap like this" didn't get posted, then we wouldn't know much before an official announcement/release. It is plainly marked rumor. Get over yourself.
  • Its a little more than a "rumor". Its ridiculous and couldn't possibly be true.
  • *Drooling* I need to call Ms Cleo! I need to know what the future holds...pronto! That would def be a dream.
  • Jane's gettin' serious!
  • An exaggerated phone on an exaggerated network...go figure.
  • I don't care if it has a flex capacitor on it. As long as it has a operating system on top of a operating system I will hate it.
  • I definitely don't believe it.
  • Honestly, the only thing that turns me away is the 4.3 inch screen. I love the size of my DInc. It's easily the best Android phone available and while it doesn't get as much recognition as the Evo or a Moto Droid, everyone who owns one knows it's the better choice. All the bigger screened phones are way too bulky and feel like a brick in my pocket.
  • But that's just YOU. Other people don't have a problem with a slightly bigger screen than the Dinc. Besides, its not THAT much bigger. In less than 3 days you would get use to it. It fits in the same pocket. What's the problem with 4.3? The only thing wrong with the Dinc is that it is wasted on Verizon CDMA. That phone would be awesome on a GSM network.
  • I felt the same way till I got a hold of my friend's Evo...I was in love and it opened my eyes!
  • Yeea, I wish it could be true, but it's not. We already have EU version of HTC Thunderbolt, and that is HTC DHD. May be such phone is coming, but not now.
  • Guess you need bigger pockets or need to hit the gym if 4.3 inches feels like a brick. Lol sorry couldn't help it. Now then why are there so many people hating and in disbelief here? You all do realize that without these ambitious ideas we wouldn't be discussing this right? Let it go and dream a little geez.
  • My dream phone is:
    4" or bigger screen
    Dual core processor with awesome GPU
    awesome rear camera with HD video
    front facing camera
    HDMI port
    Huge battery, 1650mah or more. 1800 sounds good! Physical keyboard, but doesn't much matter
    Google Experience, like sense the least, but will "suffer" for the right phone These specs have that, AND more. I wasn't upgrading until then, if this is legit I am ALL over it. Otherwise I'll continue to wait, which I think I will be doing for most of the upcoming year with the above list. I doubt that phone is releasing in Jan.. Maybe end of the year.
  • Unicorns Exist and I will spill their blood in order to have this phone!!! Anyone up for a Unicorn Hunting Party!!!???!!!
  • Yo
  • Lol. Count me in.
  • I highly doubt most of this stuff is true. If it is this would be the best HTC phone every made. I just doubt all this glory would be going to Verizon. I think its 3g, 4g, maybe Gingerbread, new snap dragon, no more than 1.2 megapixel front facing cam. Everything else I'm really highly skeptical. If it is true it would be a nice surprise.
  • Why do you say Verizon? The top of the add clearly says Telecom / O2 / Vodafone. This isn't the version for Verizon.
  • It's the European version. Btw, cdma is the most efficient network. Why do you think dropped calls are such a problem on gsm networks? Cdma signal travels 3 times the distance, and penetrates buildings much better.
  • thats not the only thing it penetrates! HEY-OOHHHHHHHHHH
  • So if CDMA is so good why is almost no one using it!? Dropped calls had been a problem in the early 90s, at least here in europe! The phone showed is indeed the european version it will launch on T-Mobile (Telekom.de), Vodafone and O2 - Germany in mid 2011.
    It is probably launching on all other LTE - T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and Orange networks around the globe.
  • Because with CDMA you need two radios in the phone to run voice and data at the same time (Which is why none can). GSM runs voice and data at the same time, on the same chipset. Only one radio required.
  • Because every government in Europe decided that cell networks were to be built on gsm technology n the nineties. Partly because at the time they wanted to formalize a standard cdma wasn't ready and partly because Nokia owns the patents for GSM. With that much oomph behind GSM and vodaphone owning so much of Verizon I'm surprised cdma has lasted as long as it has.
  • Since GSM isn't capable of 3G, it uses wCDMA for that. How ironic!
    Every CDMA phone with a wifi, Wimax, or Lte radio can do simultaneous voice and data. Since the Evo can on wifi and 4G, that means it can do it more places than GSM phones. Get educated. But, as I said, who does that anyway?
  • So if you call sprint wimax with speeds of around 10Mbit 4G, so what about the speeds we get here in europe with HSDPA+? I guess we have 6 or 7G here!?
    My GSM phone can do voice and data at the same time in almost every country on this planet, so I dont know if your evo can do that in more places!?
  • By the way 42Mbit HSDPA+ is in europe 3G so Wimax is more likely 2 or 2.5G but never 4G!
  • @Centro85 The decission to launch GSM was made in the early 80s! GSM launched in 91.
    No one really owns the patents for GSM while Qualcomm owns the one for CDMA.
    Maybe theres still a chance that Vodafone is somehow buying 1% plus 1 Stock to take over Verizon completely and we see a Vodafone.USA!
  • And how fast is the 3G Sprint or Verizon Network laying underneath the Wimax and LTE Network? 1 Mbit or 2 Mbit down and 0.5Mbit up?
  • Generations of tech have to do with more than the speed when they initially launch. Did your hspa+ start out where it is? Wimax and Lte are 4th generation techs. Are they at their full potential yet? Nope. Just be patient. 6-12 Mbps will do just fine in the meantime : )
  • LTE is not 4G only LTE Advanced is 4G! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3GPP_Long_Term_Evolution
  • come on April 3rd. This will be my next phone.