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We're back with another ROM review, and Android Central forums adviser PvilleComp and his Dinc have returned.  This time we're going to have a look at Nils' Business GingerSense.  It's based on Android 2.3.3, and HTC Sense 3.0 -- proving the point that Android developers can bring what the OEM's can't and keep your phone cruising along with the latest software.  See what all the fuss is about, after the break.

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Thanks, PvilleComp!

Nils’ Business GingerSense (August 2011)

Another of the venerable ROM makers for the Droid Incredible is NilsP. His Business Sense ROM’s have long been a staple in the DInc ROM arsenal. With this latest ROM, Nils breathes new life into the phone with Sense 3.0. A combination of his already stable Gingerbread based Business GingerSense, a port of the Sensation OTA and Newtoroot’s Hybrid ROM; Business GingerSense 3.0 is the closest the DInc will get to a full Sense 3.0 experience.

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Installation was straightforward. A standard wipe of data, cache and dalvik in ClockworkMod provided for a clean install. Of course, as with any fresh install, you can go and get a cup of coffee and a sandwich during the initial boot. Setup allows for initial configuration of your Gmail account as well as mail, Exchange, Twitter, Flicker, et al. Again, the VZW Backup service is offered, so if you don’t want it, pay attention during the setup.

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On first boot you will know this is not your average DInc ROM. The Sense 3.0 lock screen is just sexy as sin, and the ability to “flick” to the home screen, phone, mail, camera or messaging app is just plain cool. When playing music the Music control widget appears on the lock screen as well, allowing you to play, pause and advance tracks without unlocking the device. Of course, it also comes with many Sense 3 widgets like enhanced Messaging, Mail, Data Dashboard, improved Power Dashboard, Photo Grid, HTC Likes, the Watch widget for managing video stored on your device and the enhanced Stocks widget. The new Weather Clock widget also has the improved HTC Weather animations with audio and the improved HTC Weather app behind it, but unfortunately, the same Accuweather service as before which limits your city choices for alternate location monitoring.

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There is a 3D home screen setting that rotates the screen left or right depending on which way you tilt the phone. This was fun for a while but it got old and it does add some lag to the overall performance, so I eventually turned it off. The new camera works well, the controls were easy to use, touch to focus was good and the picture quality is a step up from the Stock Froyo DInc Camera.

Apps pre installed on the ROM include ROM Manager, Netflix, DSP Manager, ES File Explorer, Picasa, Superuser, Polaris Office and the new Market. These can be removed, replaced or updated as you like. Not included is a text to speech converter, which I discovered the first time I used the Nav function. However, it was a quick market install and Nav worked like it always does. Also not found on the pre-load are all the carrier bloatware apps we all love so dearly.

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Some nice additions to the ROM are the Quick Settings tab in the Notification Bar and the consistent themeing throughout the ROM. The Quick Settings tab is similar to the Settings tab in MIUI and a welcome addition. It allows you to very quickly get to the settings you modify most often. I wish more developers included options like this. There is also a built in screen shot feature, which is nice, but I could never get the timing of holding the Power and Home buttons quite right to use it consistently.

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Battery life was not the greatest, and Nils has several battery saving suggestions on his Official Development thread. Most of these are common battery saving tips like reducing sync schedules and only syncing what you need, but it’s nice that he at least offers some suggestions to increase battery life.

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Overall, the Nils’ Business GingerSense 3.0 is very stable and well put together. The fact that any Sense 3.0 ROM is running on the Dinc is a tribute to the devs. The fact that this one does it so well is a real tribute to Nils, Newtoroot and the rest of this dev team.

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