bodyguardz skin for the HTC Evo 4G

The Bodyguardz Protective Skin for your Sprint Evo 4G's 4.3 inches of glass definitely brings the protection.  Many of us (myself included) do not like a case interfering with the pocketability of our phones, especially when it's as big as the HTC Evo, so a full skin is the answer.  

Made from the same material used to shield the front of automobiles from stones, the Bodyguardz skin is tough and durable, and will keep your Evo 4G free from scratches.  Cut to fit the Evo, it provides screen and full body protection without adding in bulk, and best of all there is no case to grab all that pocket lint or interfere with docks or chargers.

It's also a pretty easy install, and comes with all the materials needed for two applications on your HTC Evo 4G.

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Take a look after the break to see a video of the installation process, as well as a few pictures showing off the finished product.

Inside the Bodyguardz package is everything you need -- minus a quiet place to work, a microfiber cloth and a suitable work area.  Check out the installation video below.  Don't mind the bandage, Alligator Gar have sharp teeth :)

As you can see, as long as you're patient and follow the easy included instructions, the Bodyguardz skin goes on without a hitch.  A few things to stress (while it's fresh in my mind)

  • You will be using liquid to install the Bodyguardz.  Be smart -- turn off your phone and remove the battery!
  • Watch that any of the installation fluid doesn't run down beside the user controls.  For the most part, if the pieces are dripping wet you're using too much fluid.
  • Watch you don't cover the microphone hole :)
  • Don't be afraid to keep re-positioning the skin pieces.  Until the installation fluid dries, the skin can be lifted and re-applied until you're satisfied with the placement.  Just mind the dust and lint.
  • Make sure there's no more dripping bits before you power your phone back on!

Once you're finished installing the Bodyguardz protector, don't be alarmed at the way it looks on your screen.  See the series of images below:

applied and wet

This is the screen immediately after application.  Don't worry, the streaks and bubbles dry nicely.

starting to dry

This is at the end of the installation process.  You can see it has already started looking much nicer.

24 hours later -- screen off

Here's a look 24 hours later, with the screen off.  A few small bubbles, but well worth it for the amount of protection without a bulky case.

24 hours later -- screen on

Finally, here's the Evo all fired up 24 hours after installation, ready for all the abuse a pocket or purse can throw at it.

My impressions of the Bodyguardz skin?  It's a must have.  The protection it offers (even in my wife's purse with keys, coins, and all manner of pointy trinkets) is second to none, it's optically clear, and much less of a fingerprint magnet than an unprotected Evo is.  The installation process was simple, I did it on the porch while smoking a pork shoulder.  The hardest thing about the whole process is leaving your phone off for the first 12 hours.  you can get the Bodyguardz protective skin ( two per package) for your Evo at the Android Central store for $24.95.

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