Razer's new location-based platform lets you chat with other Pokémon Go trainers

There's no chat system in Pokémon Go and while many would consider that a blessing, there are times when you simply wish to see who's out and about to pool resources or to inform others of a rare find nearby. Cue Razer. The company has unveiled a new web-based chat platform with iOS and Android apps set to be released soon.

The web version of this messaging system — aptly named RazerGo{.nofollow} — utilizes your location so filters can then be set in the form of a distance radius. Don't wish to talk to folk from around the world? Restrict the platform to only show messages from those 5km or so away from you. The company has taken full advantage of the already released and robust Razer chat infrastructure.

As well as public chat, there is also support for private and group channels too, enabling friends and fellow trainers to band together and take down those tough gym strongholds. You can try out RazerGo on the web as of now, but we'll be sure to alert you all once the iOS and Android apps have been released to respective stores.

  • Try RazerGo on the web
Rich Edmonds