RAVPower's 25000mAh portable charger on sale for $22 can recharge using the power of the sun

Ravpower Solar Power Charger
Ravpower Solar Power Charger (Image credit: Amazon)

The RAVPower 25000mAh solar phone charger outdoor portable charger is down to $21.99 with code WEK4QJZL on Amazon. Without the code, the charger is going for $46. It has sold higher than that in the past, and it has never dropped lower than $44 directly. You'd really need a coupon code like today's deal to ever find it on sale, and these can be hard to find if you aren't looking for them. Today's sale is one of the best we've ever seen.

Use sunlight to recharge this charger's batteries or plug it in via micro USB or USB-C. The 25000mAh capacity is enough to keep all your devices going outdoors. Includes an LED flashlight and SOS mode for emergencies. Waterproof and dust proof.

The RAVPower power bank has a 25000mAh battery. That's a huge capacity. Doesn't matter whether you're using it for your tablet, an Android smartphone or the iPhone, this thing has enough juice to keep your device's power topped off. You'll be able to go all day without having to find a wall outlet to plug into. The great thing is, this one is designed to work outside. It has a built-in solar panel so you can actually recharge the battery's capacity just by hanging around outside. That's like infinite power!

Of course, sunlight won't be very fast for a recharge, so there are some other methods. Use the microUSB outlet or the USB-C outlet to recharge, and you can use both to get back up to speed much faster. There are also two regular USB outlets for charging your devices.

The power bank is designed for outdoor use, especially if you're hiking or camping or just traveling away from a home for a while. It has a built-in emergency LED flashlight with an SOS mode. That can be helpful if you're out in the dark and just need a way to see real quick. The outside of the case is made with very durable material, too. It's even rated to be resistant to both water and dust. Caught in the rain? No problem. Kicking up dirt? Big deal. The phone has an integrated ring to connect to a carabiner. You don't even have to hold the charger. Just attach it to your backpack on your way up the mountainside.

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