Qmadix X Series Case

Sure, your HTC One M9 comes with UH OH Protection, but for some of us — that's just not enough. We decided to give the X Series Lite Cover from Qmadix a whirl to see how it fared with the HTC One M9, and whether it's a viable solution against impacts.

Hybrid cases are more of the standard these days — crafted in both slim and bulky forms. What Qmadix has here with the X Series Lite Cover is a reasonable medium between the two. And, by no means is this case cheaply made.

Unlike many other cases for the HTC One M9, this hybrid keeps the inner TPU core separate from its matching polycarbonate shell. The best way to install this case is by wrapping the skin around the HTC One M9 first, following it up with the plastic skeleton to ensure the fit is perfect from every angle. Without a doubt, the hero of this case is the inner skin. It features what Qmadix calls impact dissipating channels, or "I.D.C." for short. Essentially when you drop your HTC One M9, the initial impact spreads throughout the entire skin rather than being absorbed though a single impact point.

The skin of the X Series Lite Cover doesn't feel bulky or overly thin, just really flexible and strong. You'll find your obvious cutouts for the camera and ports, while the side buttons have their own protective covering that make them easier to press while the case is on. The exterior plastic shell isn't anything spectacular in terms of design. It's completely glossy, picking up fingerprints like a pro — as expected.

Qmadix doesn't advertise it as being scratch-resistant, but after taking keys to the shell to test its resistance, there wasn't a scratch in sight. The case comes in white (as shown) and black as an alternative.


  • Great quality skin
  • Easy installation
  • Absorbs impacts very well


  • Slightly bulky
  • Shell gets smudgy

Our take

All in all, the Qmadix X Series Lite Cover for the HTC One M9 is a great case that's been carefully crafted with both quality and functionality in mind. While it is slightly on the bulky side, it's definitely manageable and slides in and out of pockets with ease. If you're after medium protection against scratches and impacts, give this a try.

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