HTC Clear Hard Shell Case

There seems to be a large number of users that would prefer not to use any cases for their HTC One M9, and that's completely understandable — everyone has their own opinion on how they want their device to look. However, not every case still lets the sleek design of the M9 to shine through like this OEM hard shell does.

Simplistic in construction, HTC's Clear Hard Shell Case snaps around your One M9 quickly and easily, leaving your camera and ports accessible through the case. The trim is made of a strong TPU that accents the cover quite well, even raising the side buttons just slightly so they're easier to press. I was really impressed on how great this case felt on the device, too — it's so slim that you almost forget there's a cover on the phone. The TPU trim enhances the grip, too, so it's not very slippery despite its smooth exterior.

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Usually, a main concern of mine with acrylic covers is how bad they pick up fingerprints and how easily they get scuffed up. I can say that fingerprints and smudges don't seem to be much of an issue with this clear shell, which is awesome. Granted, some are easier to see in the right lighting, but it's not bad at all. Scratch resistance is a different story, though. I won't say that this case scratches easily, but don't expect to be keeping it free of scuffs over an extended period of time.

The one design flaw I see with this clear case is the lip doesn't elevate the display of the HTC One M9 enough while faced down. This means your screen will be be making full contact with whatever surface you lay it on, dirt and all. Maybe this is part of HTC's design — keeping the cover super slim, or maybe they overlooked it. Either way, the edges sit nearly flush with the display and you've got to be mindful of that.


  • Slim form factor
  • Transparent design
  • Enhances grip


  • Not scratch resistant
  • Lip doesn't raise display enough

Final thoughts

Look, if you want a little extra drop security for your HTC One M9, this clear hard shell is a home run. It's not bulky, and it still rocks your M9's good looks. For minor drops and bumps, it'll keep you going without fighting to get it out of your pockets. It's the perfect cover for the crowd who detests covers, but know deep down that it's probably a wise investment.

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