Project Fi's limited phone offerings are getting a boost today, adding three new phones to the ranks after previously only offering the Google Pixel 2 and Moto X4. The Project Fi account page now lists the new LG G7, the refreshed LG V35 and new low-cost Moto G6 as "coming soon" for Fi customers. The Moto G6 is the only one you can actually pre-order at this point, and you can only be notified for future updates on the status of the LG G7 and V35.

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The Moto G6 is available only in black and with 32GB of storage, but despite just being announced is already being discounted to $199 — that of course makes sense considering the ongoing Moto X4 promotion that has that phone listed for $249 still. (And, to be clear, the Moto X4 is a much better phone for just $50 more — consider it.)

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Pricing for the LG G7 lines up with other carriers, at $749 in either black or blue colors with 64GB of storage. The real head scratcher here is the new LG V35, which is a confusing phone in general but extra confusing here because it's listed at $899 ... why not just buy the newer LG G7? Beats me. Anyway, it's available in black or silver, also with 64GB of storage. All three phones offer the standard Project Fi financing with 24-months of payments with no interest.

Outside of the Android One Moto X4's launch on Fi several months ago, we haven't heard anything about a pending expansion to new models or altogether new manufacturers bringing phones to the carrier, so I love seeing Google continue to work on expanding its device offerings.

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