Where to buy the LG G7 ThinQ

LG's playing it safe this year with the G7 ThinQ, but that doesn't mean it's a bad phone. In fact, the G7 is one heck of a smartphone that's at least worth a look.

If you live in the United States or Canada and are interested in picking up the G7 ThinQ for yourself, here's everything you need to know.

United States


Weeks after launch, LG finally started making the U.S. unlocked version of the LG G7 widely available. It's available in multiple colors, with 64GB of storage. Importantly, the U.S. unlocked model is designed to work on all four major U.S. carriers — yes, including Verizon and Sprint. Both Amazon and B&H Photo have already started to discount the LG G7 from its original $749 price tag.


If Sprint's your carrier of choice, you're going to pay more than most to own the G7.

On Sprint, the phone will cost you $33/month for an 18-month lease, and if you decide to keep paying for six more months to actually own the G7, you'll be looking at a final price of $792 — $42 more than T-Mobile and Verizon.

Sprint is offering a lease one, get another for free deal, but you're required to either add two new lines or upgrade two existing ones.

See at Sprint


Jumping over to T-Mobile, the G7 costs $30 down and then $30/month afterward, resulting in a final retail price of $750 ($30 more than the Galaxy S9). To help offset the cost, T-Mobile is running a BOGO promo that allows you to get two G7s for the price of one via monthly bill credits.

See at T-Mobile


Last but not least for U.S. carriers, pricing for the G7 at Verizon is similar to that of T-Mobile, including a payment of $31.25/month for 24 months for a final price of $750.

In honor of the G7's launch, Verizon's offering an instant $100 off discount just for buying it on an installment plan. Better yet, that deal can be combined with Verizon's other trade-in promotions.

See at Verizon


Although LG devices usually show up on AT&T like clockwork, this year appears to be slightly different. Instead of carrying the G7, AT&T is instead selling the V35 — a phone that has the design of last year's V30 and the modern specs of the G7. It's an interesting mashup, to say the least, and one that'll cost you a pretty penny at $900.

See at AT&T

U.S. Cellular

The LG G7 is also available at U.S. Cellular. It costs $749.70 if you buy it with a prepaid plan, but if you purchase it on an installment setup, you can save $300 by paying just $14.99/month for 30 months after monthly bill credits.

Should you choose to go the installment route, you'll pay $0 down and have 0% APR. Not too shabby!

See at U.S. Cellular

Project Fi

Google's own carrier, Project Fi, has branched out its phone offerings to two of LG's latest phones, including the G7. Pricing is set at $749, with optional 24-month no-interest financing that breaks it down to $31.21 per month. Choose between black or blue colors.

For a limited time, Project Fi is offering a $300 bill credit with purchase of the LG G7, which makes it extremely enticing for new Fi customers in particular. The deal ends on July 29.

See at Project Fi



At Bell, you can purchase the G7 between $199.99 and $399.99 depending on what kind of two-year plan you sign up for. If you prefer to purchase it outright, it'll set you back $1,049.99.

If there's a Bell store nearby, you can go there, trade-in an eligible phone, sign up for a two-year Premium Plus plan with data, and get the G7 for as little as $0.

See at Bell

Freedom Mobile

If Freedom Mobile is your Canadian carrier of choice, there are four main ways you can buy the G7:

  • Pay $0 down + $20/month MyTab Boost for 24 months on current $50+ plans (save $480)
  • Pay $250 down + $25/month MyTab Boost for 24 months on current $40+ plans (save $110)
  • Pay $480 down + $20/month MyTab Boost for 24 months on current $30+ plans
  • Pay $960 to buy the G7 outright

See at Freedom Mobile


Rogers is also selling the G7 in The Great White North, with pricing working out as follows:

  • $199 on two-year Premium+ Tab
  • $399 on two-year Premium Tab
  • $549 on two-year Smart Tab
  • $699 on two-year Talk & Text Tab
  • $999 with outright with No Tab

See at Rogers


For SaskTel customers, the carrier's running a promotion through June 30 that lets you get a $200 bonus credit on top of the trade-in value of your existing phone when you upgrade to the G7.

Along with that, pricing works out as follows:

  • Pay $0 down + $20/month with Plus Pricing on a two-year $20/month+ plan
  • Pay $199.99 down + $10/month with Plus Pricing on a two-year $10/month+ plan
  • Pay $399.99 with a two-year voice and data plan
  • Pay $99.99 with a monthly, device only, or prepaid plan

See at SaskTel


Last but not least, Telus is also selling the LG G7 ThinQ.

You'll pay between $200 and $400 down depending on which plan you choose, and if you prefer to buy the phone outright, you'll need to hand over $980.

See at Telus

Update July 2018: Now that the G7's launched, we've refreshed this guide to include final pricing at all U.S. and Canadian carriers/retailers, including unlocked models.

Joe Maring

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