Pre-orders begin at Best Buy for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

If the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was not for you, and you have been holding out for the 8.9-inch version you will be happy to know that Best Buy has begun the pre-order process for the device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which we have gone hands on with, packs a dual-core 1GHz processor, a 1200x800 WXGA display and tons of other goodies under the hood. The 16GB version is showing a price tag of $469, while the 32GB sits at $569, and Best Buy is stating that they will be shipping between Sept. 25 and Sept. 30. Will you be picking one of these up? Let us know in the forums!

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Jared DiPane
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  • Too expensive, there are a lot of good tablets coming on the market as of late at competitive prices They should really reconsider the price.
  • Agreed. And espcially in light of the fact that the 10.1 Tab hasn't been moving so fast off the shelves. I guess Samsung hasn't really learned the lesson that HP learned the hard way.
  • So I can pay $499 for a 10.1 or $469 for an 8.9 version? I don't think these will move. With most phones coming out in the +4" screens now I don't think a WiFi tablet is worth while at that price.
  • I totally Agree!
  • Agree. That price is ridiculous. I was seriously considering getting myself teh 8.9 tab but at that price, no dice.
  • I actually had to take a second look as I thought there was no way a sane company would charge over $350 for a tablet under 10". Of course Joe Public will walk past this and pick up yet another Ipad 2. And for an extra $30, I really can't blame them. The only good news is I can see Samsung / Best Buy having to fire sell these things around Black Friday to clear up some shelf space.
  • I agree awful pricing. For 30 bucks more you can get the 10.1 or even an Ipad. People will go Ipad before this, the pricing is a joke.
  • When are these tablet makers going to get it? Don't they want to sell more than a few hundred thousand of their tabs? There needs to be someone making 10“ tablets on par with the ipad and and galaxy tabs for $300-$350. Otherwise only us Android geeks will be buying these things. There needs to be someone making these at the right cost to be able to dent the market. There are a few in this range, but they are butt ugly, and the average person won't buy them. So, if any manufacturers are listening, that is the key to success in this market.
  • Totally agree. Had a post in the Tablet Chat forum here on AC about this very thing, and no one replied. Why? Because no one is buying Android tablets, except for people like us.
  • I hate to say it, but at these prices, I might as well get an Ipad or another laptop.... Apple makes money on selling APPS and accessories. The android community needs to band together somehow and mimic that model or they won't make a dent in the Apple juggernaut in terms of tablet sales.
  • Really bad on the price. Drop this baby by an even $100, and they will move a lot more inventory. I have no interest with that price.
  • Agreed. The price needs to drop by $100-125 for this to be remotely enticing.
  • I see we're all in agreement here... HEAR THAT SAMSUNG?
  • Samsung "listening" to their customers is what got them in this mess. They need to make ONE KIND OF TABLET. They need to have no more than three SKUs (small flash, large flash, large flash/4g). They need to tell their customers "this is what you want" like Apple does. Until they do that, they will always get killed on price since no single SKU has enough volume to get their price down. If they took this one tab, made as many as Apple does of their iPad2, they could afford to drop the price by $100 or more. But they don't and they are probably getting killed on margin already. Quit complaining and let Samsung either figure out how to tell the customer what they want, or watch as their tab business dies like everyone elses.
  • Android tablets need to be priced around $349 max for the top of the line models.
  • OMG, I totally need a 4th tablet for my dog. Can't wait to pre-order one!
  • Back in March Samsung announced this,and the 10.1 tablet with launch dates as June 8, and "Early Summer" respectively. The 10.1 launced on June 8th as promised, but only in New York, and the rest of the country had to wait until June 17. However, the 8.9's "Early Summer" announcement never materialized. I mention all of this because back in March when Samsung first announced their pricing for 8.9 the $469 did not seem unreasonable, but here were are in mid September and the price tag seems a bit ridiculous.
  • The HP Debacle/Firesale has pushed Tablet price expectations very far down. Other tablet makers are becoming aware that outside of the iPad, no tablet can command such high price tags, and therefore are attemtpting to be more competitive (see what Archos and Fusion Garage are doing), you should expect nothing but moans and groans at Samsung's continued insistence of launching at such a high price. When you also take into account that 10.1 Tab hasn't exactly been flying off the shelves, and that the only difference between the 10.1 and 8.9 is screen size and $30 difference, one might just go ahead and purchase the slightly larger model and forget this.
  • With quad core tablets likely to launch before end of year, why would I spend >$450 on any dual core tablet??? On top of that, there are multiple 10 inch Android competitors that are priced below this. I love Samsung screens, but not this much!
  • I second that.
  • I'm waiting when the tablets will cost not more than $300 just like most netbooks today. Then I'm gonna get one... the $500 price range doesn't justify the hardware and software on modern tablets which is the same as on my phone with exception of the screen size. Everything that can be done on the tablet I already do on my phone no need to spend extra $500 for a 10 or 8.9 inch screen
  • Waiting for some quadcore goodness. I wonder how much faster they will be than these over priced dual core tablets? I'm willing to spend $350-$450 on a quadcore tablet if it's fast enough.
  • this is exactly why touchpad did not sell so well at the star even though there was a demand. The price was too high and average consumer would rather get an ipad 2 instead. A 16gb tab needs to be at 300-350 and 32gb at 400. Period. Then these things will start moving regardless whether it is samsung, hp, motorolla, aser, whatever. Why are these companies so obtuse??? for $500 I can get a nice laptop instead.
  • Although this is the tablet that I wanted its too much and too late in the year. Now I will wait for an quad core ICS tablet since I really don't need a tablet . At this price I'm wondering how much the 7.7 will cost, $450 or the same because it has a SD card slot? They don't need to pull an hp but they seriously need to drop these prices.
  • Hilarious! $470 for an 8.9 incher. Good luck, Samsung.
  • It's sad to see tablet manufacturers making the same mistake netbook manufacturers and then smartbook manufacturers did (not to mention Palm). Even if Apple is being more aggressive with iPad margins than they have been with other products, the market perceives an Apple premium and products perceived as competing with iPads have to be significantly cheaper in order to succeed. Apple has been an aspirational brand in the PC market for most of the last 30 years, even with a tiny share of the market, and they'll remain an aspirational brand even as their market share shrinks in the phone and tablet markets. I love my Epic, and have never owned a single Apple product, but a Samsung brand is never, unless Apple makes a serious misjudgment, going to demand the same premium as that little fruit logo -- no matter how nice their screens are. They are a high-end commodity manufacturer, but still a commodity manufacturer. But I'll buy one of these for 300 bucks when the quad core tablets start appearing and suddenly these need to be moved quickly.
  • Apple's dominance is only maybe half due to the brand recognition. The huge part to their success is keeping their product count low, designing the ever living **** out of it and then producing it with enough scale to make a ton of money on it. Apple sells at a price at or better than any android tablet, they have comparable (maybe a little lighter) specs, and Apple still makes a disgustingly huge profit margin. If someone wanted to compete on price alone they could force their way into the market IF they had the scale. Samsung and all the other tab makers are going to keep throwing money at this and barely scratch the surface of Apples dominance unless they get their scale up.
  • Qaud core asus transformer is coming out, i imagine, before the end of the year. Why should any one get this over an Ipad even? I'm not an apple fanboy by any means but if i had to choose between the two this one makes no sense.
    Bring on the 7.7 Samsung.
  • Because they want a medium size, lighter tablet that's not an Ipad. Can you imagine a world where everyone had an Ipad because that's the only option? I would love the 7.7 but I'm afraid that will be $449...they'll take off $30 per inch.
  • Waiting for the 7.7 too...but the 7.7 is also a phone.
  • Just amazing. I like how Samsung (or Verizon if they are the ones with final say on MSRP) went the apple route and charged $100 for an extra 16GB of flash that cost about $3 to add to the device. Guess what, *only* Apple gets away with that ****. For an Android tablet to be successful (read: compete with the iPad), it needs to be produced with enough volume to drive the price way way down. Samsung has like 50 Galaxy Tab SKUs, it's got to be driving them insane! Samsung, please please PLEASE pick your best tab (cheapest to make with nicest look and feel) and produce the ever living **** out of it until your prices are down where Apples are. Then, undercut Apple by $50 or $100 and watch your business actually take off. Until that happens, the iPad will be the only tablet to be taken seriously (even though its a piece of **** with no 4g and a clunky case.)
  • Asus transformer 10 inch 32gb=this piece of craps 16gb version
  • I believe this has the same resolution as the 10.1, so it is just smaller and lighter but shows the same amount of content, which can't be a bad thing. I have an ipad and it is heavy, slow, and a bit boring. Would like something lighter, smaller, and less boring.
  • I was in Best Buy looking at a 10" Android tablet for $399 when the rep told me that I could knock off at least $75 to $100 bucks by adding a Sprint Mifi. So in the end I ended up paying $378 after taxes, and the hotspot ability I was going to activate on my phone I just use the Mifi for $5 more than activating the phone hotspot.
    So I have a extra device that picks up Wimax really good and I save battery life on my phone.
    All in all, lower the price on the tablets and more will sell.
    They should remember that these are companion devices that fit between phones and PC's.
    They aren't really needed but they are nice to have. * I'm with Sprint and not ready to root even though I normally root all my devices. *