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Pre-order your HTC EVO now at Best Buy -- literally, at Best Buy

It sure appears that the HTC EVO 4G will be a hot number, and much like the Droid Incredible supplies might get low. Unless you're the type that likes to camp out at the Sprint store on the night before, you might be interested that Best Buy has started taking pre-orders for the HTC EVO 4G (opens in new tab).  I know some people prefer to do business directly with their carrier, but for the rest this sounds like a good way to make sure your EVO is in your hands come launch day.  No online ordering though (LAME!), so you'll have to head to your local Best Buy to get in on this one.  [Best Buy (opens in new tab)]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Won't be getting mine til July. How much do you get off the price if your a premier member and it's been a year?
  • you get it for the upgrade price if it's been a year and you're a premiere customer
  • I was told by two reps that you get it for the new price after a year. you get the same 150 off like the new customer does, as well as any mail in rebates. if you arent a full year in, and Im guessing it came at 6 months, but there is a 75 dollar credit before you hit the 150 mark at the year.
  • I heard that best buy gives you the phone out the door for the final price without having to deal with rebates. can best buy so so if you are upgrading? or do I have to go through sprint for my upgrade and not best buy?
  • Does anyone know if the pre-order price is the full price of the phone($199)?
  • If you have a premier upgrade available the phone at Best Buy will cost 199+tax out the door. There are no rebates. You do receive the full 150 off from your upgrade
    449-150(upgrade)-100 (instant rebate)=$199
  • Thanks for the update. Looks like I'll be getting the Evo July 9th then. Hopefully the bugs with be worked out by then and it will be rooted.
  • Does ANYBODY know how the pre-order process goes when you pre-order an item from best buy? do you have to put money down on the phone or do you just gotta fill out some papers with your contact info? I was just wondering because I want to make sure I get this phone DAY OF RELEASE! so if anybody can answer that question that'll be cool, thanks
  • According to the Best Buy rep a $50 deposit is required which you will receive a gift card. Of course the $50 will apply towards your total purchase price. He said they will use the number of pre-orders to determine how many the store needs. Also you have to go into the location to make the deposit.
  • Does anyone know if I can get the $ 199 price if I add this as another line ? I have 3 lines with 2 more available and I would like to get a fourth line with the EVO. I also would like to swap my Hero line with the Evo .
  • pretty sure it's $199 for new, upgrade, and add a line ($36 activation for adding). but yeah straight up no rebates. preordering at Best Buy is just getting a $50 gift card at the mobile dept and they put your name down and appointment time. then use the gift card for anything.
  • I am not ordering anything unless they drop the $10.00 from the plan!!!!! Also I may not even get the $29.99 to share the 4G connection! hopefully someone hack the phone to get this free! For now I will just wait (If people understood the power they have) money for this carriers is what they live for, if you buy the phone and accept their regulations and prices they will always screw you over. Say NO to the $10.00 for 4G (remember not tested 100% and not available everywhere on the US) Believe me you will be (Huh!? not 4G ohhh I forgot is not available in LA =() Think about it!!!!
  • They are not going to take that extra $10 dollars off... Verizon, ATT and T-mobile all charge extra $30 dollars for 3G... yes 3G... and guess what iphone users, incredible users and mytouch users have been paying that with no problem... it's time for us sprint customers to step up and help our carrier... it's just $10 dollars for the best phone you can possibly get out there come ON... ;)
  • dude sprint also charging you $30.00 for the 3g this $10.00 will go on top of that that makes it $ 40.00.
  • I'm not sure if they are charging you 30.00 for the 3G but I sure don't pay that... here I paid 40 voice (450min) + 20 text (unlimited) + 30 data = 90 dollars for my iphone... now I pay 70 for all of that + more (nights at 7pm and free mobile to any network) + 10 EVO data plus thats 80... its still cheaper and you get 4G if not still cheaper that other 3G networks... and I bealive it's the same story for Verizon and T-mobile. Look at it this way... it's the 10 dollars that you currently pay for the GPS navegation or for the mobile TV or for the early nights that starts at 7pm or for any other feature that they charge you extra and Sprint gives you for free ;) .
  • Sprint 3G Data plan 450 mins: 69.99
    AT&T 3G Data Plan: I believe 79.99 or 84.99
    Verizon: Same or more than AT&T
    Sprint 4G Data Plan: 79.99
    Your logic: Priceless.
  • Sprint plan + 10 add on : 79.99
    Cheapest AT&T voice plan + unlimited texting + data plan : 89.99 And you don't get the luxury of having unlimited mobile minutes either. Or a better phone. Or 4G (for those who have it anyways) Still saving at least 10 dollars, so people need to stop BITCHING.
  • BOO HOO HOO! I'm just going to sit in my corner and sulk! Go buy a crappy Iphone. See if we care.
  • I am going to pre order mines today.
  • I'm going to pre-order mine today too... :) EVO here I come!!!
  • I am going into the store and preordering 5 as planned today so excited
  • do you need money upfront or just a deposit
  • Does Best Buy also have the no-commitment money back guarantee that Sprint offers at their corporate stores?
  • Yes they do! you have 30 days to return you equipment for any type of reason...
  • All you have to do is put 50 bucks down and in return you will receive a 50 dollar gift card. We have the same policy as Sprint with the 30 day money back guarantee. We honor new,upgrade, and add a line pricing. NO MAIL IN REBATES!!! Why go to Sprint?
  • Gift Cards dont work at the one i just went to... they gave me an Invoice that i paid and Preordered... I Prefer this way to the gift card...
  • Same way with me. No gift card but a receipt as proof for deposit. They did charge me sales tax which I thought was strange but I was told that the entire amount of $54.63 would be applied toward the phone when I come to pick it up. I was told they would only hold the phone for 48 hours after the release. This might be a problem for me as I will be out of town the weekend it comes out. The employee put a special note on my reservation form I just hope it holds up. I want this phone real bad! I was one of 5 people waiting at Best Buy for them to open this morning.
  • Will they bill you for whatever minutes you use that are part of the plan? Sprint does not charge you a penny as long as you stay within the minutes on the plan Thanks
  • Who is they? Say you wanna buy the HTC EVO 4G from best buy, it's still under sprint as your carrier NOT Best Buy so I don't know exactly what you are talking about when you say will they bill you for minutes and then you say Sprint doesn't? ITS SPRINT THATS YOUR CARRIER NOT BEST BUY!!!!
  • I wish I could place an order online because Bestbuy out here in Hawaii has every carrier except for Sprint? I guess I will have to see what the shack will do or order from Sprint.
  • just did my preorder woot cant wait for the 4th !!!!
  • Did you do your pre order at a Best Buy Store or a Best Buy Mobile Store? I went to a Regular best buy store this morning at 10 when they opened and they guy looked at me like he had never heard of the phone. He said he could not pre order because he hadn't gotten the information on it yet. Anyone else have this issue?
  • I went to a reg. Best Buy and the guy did not know if they were able to set up a pre-order for the phone. I lied and said another store was able to do pre-orders, of course he called the store and they just happened to have all the information to do the pre-order. He just had to log into his computer to see an update for the planogram and everything was right there.
  • ** UPDATE ** Went back into the store and they now were able to pre order it for me. Apparently a sprint rep needed to stop by all the stores and fill them in on what was going on. So if your best buy store is unaware of the dealio.... have them call other stores and they will likely be able to assist! Thanks for the heads up!
  • Just pre odered mine at Best Buy...Filled out the order form, paid my fifty bucks, took my receipt and I was out of there in 15 minutes or less. Best Buy handles the mail in rebate so this couldn't be any easier. The guy that took my order said I was 3rd in line...So long Blackberry!!!
  • Just went in to my Best Buy .. apparently they don't carry Sprint. There's one two hours away that does. *grumble*
  • just got back from Best Buy 5 other people were there to pre order like me had to put 50 down plus tax. I also talked to sprint today was told my upgrade kicks in June 1st even though I bought my Palm Pre on June 6th 2009. They said they just do it at the start of the month and I didn't have to wait for the 6th sweet cant wait to get my Evo
  • Ordered mine just a few minutes ago. Received the email from Best Buy letting me know I could. Went into the store and they treated me like I was them asking for secrets betraying our national security. Then they checked their e-mail and they had a notice with a pre-order sku. So they took my pre-order in the form of a Best Buy Mobile gift card and told me to bring that back with the receipt on the 4th to get my phone. Then they took out their call list and started letting people know the Evo was available for preorder. Can't wait to be done with the crappy hardware of my Pre!!!
  • I'm so girl went and pre ordered a phone for me today because I was on a field trip with my daughters class and wouldn't be able to get to BB when they opened. I can't wait for the 4th!!
  • just pre-ordered mine and they gave me a copy of the flyer/form and receipt, no gift card and they said to just come in on the 4th at any time to pick the phone up.
  • I went to Best Buy - paid my $50, and was given an appointment time of 10am on 6/4 to come back and pickup/activate my phone. It is going to be a long 3 weeks.
  • How much you want to bet that the June 4th date was chosen to get a rush of new customers in just before the iPhone is unvailed at the WWDC on June 7th? Even thought they are very much different phones, you know there are going to be people who will buy whatever is new and getting in first can make a difference.
  • my store's total pre-orders on the incredible before launch - 2 My store'r pre-orders as of 2pm on the 1st day(just 4 hrs of business) for the EVO - 14 For all of the people crying about the extra $10 and how youre going to stick with VZW or AT&T... So pay $980 a year more... Sprint is not missing you.
  • I went in an ordered mine today, #13. a friend tried to do it up in WA and they told him its first come first serve at that store, so hes gonna try and get there early. I think the 10 bucks is BS simply because it was said to be free before it was said to be an add-on. sure its still less expensive than other plans, but its now "less" less expensive and I liked that it used to be "more" less expensive, lol. also, about the gift card. my card only has 50 bucks on it but it cost me just over 54. tax obviously. but when I go in and put the 50 bucks towards the 199, do they tax the whole 199 and apply the card, or do they apply it and charge me 149 plus tax. even though its 4 bucks, I better not get charged tax twice....
  • So are there any downsides to buying the phone from Best Buy instead of directly from Sprint?
  • NOPE! Best Buy is an official sprint retailer so that mean that they can do anything the sprint store can do minus take bill payments and that might not be that far out in the future. Get the same thing that you would get from sprint without the mail-in rebates... I can't think of anything negative to say about those guys.
  • Sprint also has the lowest account cancellation rate as well!! Beginning June 1, 2010 ATT announced that they will be increasing their rate to $375.00!! Verizon is already $350.00...Overall, Sprint is still the cheapest carrier!! $10.00 is really not an issue when you are getting the best phone on the market!! I cannot wait until JUNE 4th!!