Power your iPhone 12 without draining the bank with this $15 Black Friday charger deal

RAVPower 10,000mAh 20W Power Bank
RAVPower 10,000mAh 20W Power Bank (Image credit: Android Central)

Power banks tend to get down to ridiculously low prices during Black Friday, but those are usually old power banks without Power Delivery or even USB-C. Seeing a $15 power bank that not only has both but also has the new 20W Power Delivery profile that Apple uses for the iPhone 12 line is exciting, especially when it's made by a high-quality brand like RAVPower. The PD Pioneer series has been featured in many of our best power bank lists, and the recently-upgraded 10,000mAh PD Pioneer is the pocket-sized portable charger that you need to ensure your phone never runs dead while out and about.

Both ports are capable of charging at up to 20W, but since 20W is the total combined output, the USB-A only gets a trickle charge when the USB-C is in use. 20W Power Delivery input charging means that the bank will completely recharge in less than three hours should you run it dead, and it comes with both a carrying pouch and a USB-C to USB-C cable so you have everything in a tidy bundle that you can grab-and-go when you're heading out for the day.

It doesn't come with a USB-C to Lightning cable, so you'll want to grab one of those, too for charging your shiny new iPhone 12, but precious few power banks have the 20W charging profile right now, especially smaller 10,000mAh portable chargers like this one. That 10,000mAh capacity is the sweet spot for a portable charger: you get enough juice to stretch your phone's battery an extra day or two if you get stuck somewhere unexpectedly, but it's light enough and small enough for it to just live in your purse or your jacket pocket.

After all, a power bank doesn't do you any good if you left it at home because it was too heavy.

Ara Wagoner

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