Poll: Which Sprint LTE phone tickles your fancy?

OK, boys and girls. Sprint's unleashing its first two 4G LTE phones on Sunday, April 22 -- the LG Viper and the venerable Samsung Galaxy Nexus. And the HTC EVO 4G LTE goes up for preorder on May 7. Those are just the first three, of course. There will be more. (And we don't actually know exactly when Sprint's lighting up its LTE network, so there's that.)

But for now, let's hear it. Which one of the three has piqued your interest the most? Or are you going to wait on the sidelines for a bit? 

  • Voted for the EVO 4G LTE, but the pre-order for that isn't until 7 May -- four days AFTER "the next Galaxy" is being announced by Samsung. Depending on what they say, my answer might change to "Galaxy S3". But honestly, I doubt it. Even if the new S3 sounds amazing, how long would it be until Sprint had it for sale? I'm probably not willing to wait that long. /Kevin
  • I think you're right. The Epic touch (GS2) has been out for what, 6 months? Sprint isn't going to release the S3 until this fall at the earliest in my opinion.
  • Yeah. I think both Epics were released in September or October. So whoever is wanting the GSIII on Sprint will be waiting for 5 or 6 months. Luckily that's when my next upgrade is so I'll either buy that or just keep my Epic Touch and make money off the GSIII or the next iPhone. Haha.
  • I too voted for The EVO 4G LTE. But I'm on Verizon, waiting for them to get their own version of the One X. If it never comes to be, I might go with the first HD phone that has a Qualcomm S4 chipset. But I'm hoping my LG Spectrum gets ICS before that happens...
  • I think the Incredible LTE will be Verizon's One X. The leaked photos show the Incredible back that we all have come to like/hate from the Incredible line.
  • I disagree, I think the incredible is verizon's answer to the one s, the screen size 4 inches screams mid range phone, not high end.
    My year old thunderbolt has a bigger screen.
  • @Kevin
    I agree. I would like to think of Samsung as a possible contender for the next phone I buy, but I have never seen a Samsung phone I liked or thought was worth spending 2 years with. My entire office got S2s and literally no body likes them. Even myself and the other guy who likes to root hates these phones. Thats on top of my old Instinct and a friends Moment both being a complete piece of crap. HTC has so far never let me down. Hey samsung, build a phone out of something other than plastic and don't skimp on all of the specs. Thanks.
  • I got an Epic 4G Touch(GS2) and I love it. Rooted and running CM9. CM9 is what makes this device for me. To be honest though, I didn't have a huge problem with the stock TW system that was pre-installed on the phone, but I had it rooted within 24 hours of owning the phone, so I didn't use Touch Wiz for very long before I was rooted.
  • I have a AT&T S2 for work and while I don't like it as much as my HTC, it's honestly the best phone Samsung has released, I'm not counting the nexus as it's not a normal samsung phone. It's a big step up from the captivate I had before this. It feels very well made and their really aren't any hardware issues with it. Their software updates leave something to be desired, that's why htc wins in my book though, but I can get around that as I'm pretty much dedicated to custom roms, so much more fun than stock :)
  • That's my take as well. I'm not buying another Samsung. Period. If I was moving to sprint, I'd go with the EVO and wait for LTE to find its way to me.
  • Lol the LG viper is a fail
  • For $99 you can do a WHOLE lot worse. Good luck finding a device with those specs at $99
  • Or that spec in that size. Soon LG will be the only manufacturer we can count on to not build 7.9" phones. They'll stick with a reasonable 4" variety.
  • For the love of all that is good, how can there be 39 people who want to pay $2000 over 24 months for a Viper?
  • Does anyone at AndroidCentral know that Sprint has extremely, extremely, extremely limited LTE coverage? You'd have to be out of your mind to buy any of those devices. They are even less than the awful coverage by AT&T. Only Verizon has 6 *TIMES* more coverage than anyone else.
  • At 6 times the price.
  • The base price for LTE is $30 at Verizon and AT&T, I've priced sprint and at best it saves me maybe $10, so for the sake of argument lets say you pay $20 for data and that really low balling it x 6 would be $120, I sure don't pay $120 for data and I have LTE coverage, not the hope of lte coverage some time in the far future, I live about 45 minutes outside nyc, so it takes awhile to get to me. I understand for some sprint customers unlimited data keeps them with sprint, but lets not pretend that you don't pay for your unlimited data in one way or another, you have the slowest 3G network, because data hogs flock to your network and sprint's lte coverage will be a joke compared to Verizon for a long time, and even behind AT&T. I also expect that you'll experience the same thing in time with LTE and the network will continue to be slower than Verizon and AT&T, Sprint is using half of the spectrum that Verizon and AT&T(generally) are using and Sprint is already selling the non-existent LTE networks to mnvo's like crazy. As long as sprint provides unlimited data their networks will always be slower.
    That's not to say I'm defending Verizon and AT&T's extremely low caps, I just think caps are neccesary, though we should be given more reasonable caps on tiered plans. Also realize that I'd be willing to bet that most of the 4G Verizon users on this page still have grandfathered unlimited data, like I do. We aren't paying insane amounts of money for our data and for some light to moderate users Verizon is better even with caps because they have LTE now. When Verizon kicks us off unlimited data or even starts to throttle us heavily like AT&T, (which I don't see happening right away, even Verizon's throttling on 3G is much less heavy handled and reasonable than AT&T) We'll talk.
  • If all customers accepted data caps, we (in the USA, anyway) wouldn't have the unlimited Internet that almost all of us enjoy today. I'm with Sprint because of their unlimited data and the price I pay for it. Fastest? Nope. Unlimited? Truly. If AT&T or Verizon offered me unlimited data, I'd look into switching. But I'm not holding my breath. /Kevin
  • Wireline Internet != Wireless Internet I'm against caps on wired internet because of the technology used in cable modems and fiber optics and how cheap bandwidth is their is no need for it.
    But no matter how many towers you deploy, wireless will always be a much scarcer resource and reasonable caps and/or throttling is needed to protect the network.
    It's not a function of capitalism, or market forces, it's a reality of physics, wireless spectrum is a limited resource, wired internet is not constricted in this way because you can always run more wires, you can't do that with wireless. Note reasonable caps != the tiered data plans available today.
  • the problem isn't the caps. the problem is the large number of people who pay $30 or so for 2GB and then only use 300kb. Cell phone plans are one of the only instances in the world where you don't always get what you paid for. Also, if you go over your 2GB limit you get charged out the a$$ for it even tho you left 13GB unused in previous months. There is no excuse for cell phone companies and their practices. They are among the most crooked greedy f***s in the world. End of story.
  • I already agreed that the pricing isn't fair, but we can't argue that Sprint is superior because everyone has unlimited data and people who only use 300kb shouldn't pay $30 at the same time, Sprint makes tons of money on those people who only use 300kb as well. While Verizon throws tons of money into their network and charges users more than some other carriers for access to their network, the service is one of most reliable in the country, Sprint throws as many paying customers as they can get onto an already slow network without regard for the experience of their customers. Just because they aren't making any money due to a history of bad decisions doesn't make them better than the other carriers, they don't offer unlimited data out of their good will, it's just a marketing tactic.
    They know they appeal to a generally lower income demographic who needs to save money and will put up with their pathetically low data speeds.
  • I think everyone knows that, because Sprint has NO LTE coverage (I assume that is what you mean by "extremely, extremely, extremely limited"). It was even mentioned in the story that Sprint's LTE network isn't live yet. However, over the 2 year life of a phone, Sprint LTE will have pretty decent coverage. By 2014, they want to map to look like this (and keep in mind that both green and light blue are LTE coverage, the color is just who owns the towers): http://www.phonearena.com/news/Sprint-4G-LTE-coverage-map-surfaces_id28566
  • Problem being that the majority of the LTE coverage in that map is on the 800mhz LTE network. Here is a map of the difference of the 1900mhz and 800mhz. http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/01/13/sprints-1900mhz-network-vision-i... All three of these phones LTE radios only work on the 1900mhz spectrum. So the majority of that coverage in your map will NEVER work for these phones.
  • Doesn't the EVO4G LTE support both LTE radio frequencies?
  • That really has absolutely nothing to do with this poll, but thanks for sharing. And, yes. We're quite aware of it, as I illustrated here.
  • Some people really do take this network-stuff to heart, don't they? Why not just let people enjoy themselves?
    I like Sprint. I honestly get great 3G coverage. Just because you don't doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't.
    Speak for yourself.
  • For better or worse, I'm not eligible for a upgrade until Aug 1 (on 2-lines with a third in Nov), so I voted "wait it out". I rather prefer the price point of the viper, and that may be what the wife and/or daughter gets. Before the announcement of the nexus I would have immediately said the Evo, but I'll have to think it over some more and since I won't upgrade till Aug, I'll be able to see some actual user experience in the forums to help with the decision.
  • I am happy with my OG Epic 4G. I'm up for an upgrade in June but I'll wait till Sprint rolls out LTE in my area before I upgrade(hopefully in 2013).
  • Thumbs up to this. I refuse to buy another phone from Sprint until they actually deliver LTE coverage in my area. 4G never materialized despite showing up in larger cities in a 50 mile radius north east and south west of me. I can be happy with my original EVO 4G until if and when LTE shows up.
  • FTW. Sprint GNEX is only $550 at retail price.
  • I really liked my EVO 4G when I had it and absolutely love my E4GT now! I voted for the Nexus because I've always wanted to own one.
  • Hey @CarolCarol2 just because your not in a first round lte city doesn't mean other people are not. I live in a city that has been designated a first round lte launch and don't travel often so for me getting one sooner makes sense. I could care less how much coverage they have for lte because once it goes live in my city that's all that maters. For me anyway.
  • I may not do either. Would like the HTC since I have been happy with all of them so far, but I have got to have a replaceable battery. I will probably wait and see what the next Galaxy phone has. I just use the phone for streaming and browsing and am not able to get it on a charger all day and sometimes not until bedtime. I would have picked the Nexus, but I will wait and see if there are as many complaints as the Verizon had.
  • none are worthy to me even that nexus. got my eye on that s3 beast and yea i do like touchwiz
  • lol
  • Been hanging onto the OG EVO waiting for the day to make this decision. Unfortunately the lack of replaceable battery for me is a big sticking point. I do alot of biking on and off road, hiking and ect. I like to be able to track my activities with the GPS and knowing I have another battery relieves me from having to worry about battery consumption.
  • Have you looked into external USB batteries? You can buy them cheap, they are enclosed (so you don't have to worry about getting your battery contacts dirty), you don't have to turn off your phone to get more power, they are universal (micro USB), etc etc.
  • Galaxy Note that's what I wait for.
  • Agreed. Hopefully the rumors are true...!
  • The disgustingly ugly EVO LTE, the out of date likely to never get timely updates CMDA Gnex and the what, Viper (lol)? No LTE in Brooklyn yet.. I'll wait.
  • Any word on launch version of ICS for the Galaxy Nexus? hopefully at least 4.03 to rectify the 4.02 bugs. 4.04 on the NS4G is pretty good.
  • Gonna play the waiting game... My opinion whatever you grab on your next upgrade your married into that phone for the next 2 years so it better be a good one ;)
  • Some of us actually pay more to upgrade yearly. It's all about how things work out for you. 2 years probably is the norm, but I've had a new phone every year at least for the last 5 years.
  • I'm a fan of the EVO LTE, but also the Galaxy S3 (when announced, I'm sure it'll be plenty cool) - my main concern is that the phones will have LTE antennas, but we won't be getting anywhere near consistent LTE coverage until late late 2012 or early/mid 2013. If Chicago was one of the LTE markets slated for coverage, I'd be much more apt to jump on a new phone (any new phone) when my eligibility is up on July 1st. Just sayin'
  • Chicago is one of the first round markets for Sprint's LTE rollout. Work is well underway in Chicago already and many towers are upgraded to support LTE. Sprint won't announce anything official until they are further along however.
  • Chicago will have LTE at launch. its just not all going to be done for them to say, chicago is going to have it. they should be done with the burbs in may, heading into the city by june. its just Chicago is a vastly superior city, they have more that needs to be done then most. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-43-samsung-network-visionlte-de...
  • My question is: When will LTE be available? Is there a soft launch with the release of these devices? I am in the Houston Market. No way I'm using upgrades to get an LTE phone when it isn't working yet. I have the Galaxy Nexus on VZW (switched my line in January). Just received a replacement that works much better. It seems that this was the "it" phone, but with the HTC ONE line of phones and the SGIII being announced soon, one needs to be a bit patient (what 2-3 weeks) before making a choice. I snagged mine for $149 via Amazon Wireless. Will wait to upgrade 2 of 3 remaining Sprint lines AFTER the other phones release! Maybe stay with Sprint, or migrate to VZW for the better voice quality.
  • Houston is a first round market for Sprint's LTE rollout. They have already started upgrading. Here is an unofficial (but in all likelihood accurate) schedule: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/212-network-visionlte-deployment-runni...
  • True, I knew this. But the same held true for WiMax and that sucks indoors and out now.
  • Coverage for Sprint's LTE will be far superior to WiMax. It will be comparable or better than their existing 3G coverage. Building penetration will be better since it's at 1900 MHz instead of 2500 MHz like WiMax. It will become even better once they roll out LTE @ 800 MHz.
  • As a Houstonian, Sprints LTE couldn't work out better for me. All 4 major Texas cities will be covered at launch and with better coverage than WiMAX. I can't even get wimax at my house, but it looks like it'll be blanketed in LTE. The upgrade is a no-brainer for me.
  • I like the form factor of the GN better, but the build quality of HTC is superior. Also, I can't get over the fact that Samsung uses poor quality radios on their handsets, hence all the issues seen with the GN, Galaxy S 2. People complaining about connectivity, crappy GPS, etc.. So, I'll stay with HTC as I've done for the last 4yrs.
  • Oh, BTW, I live in Atlanta, so I'm one of the lucky ones who'll have LTE this summer.
  • Not a sprint user, but if I was I'd get the HTC EVO 4G LTE
    I'm a happy Verizon htc thunderbolt user, it will be forever and a day before sprint lte gets to my sub suburb in central NJ and I'm hoping for a similar htc phone for Verizon before my upgrade, I'm much happier with HTC than previous smartphone brands like samsung or moto. And LG is seriously still a joke compared to the big guys, though I wish them well they are trying.
  • I obviously don't know what burb you're in, but Sprint's LTE is already live in parts of the central Jersey market.
  • I am in for the EVO LTE (couldn't we really shorten it to this for now?). I am in Dallas where we will get LTE soon. I read that it will only be high-freq version of LTE in this phone. Does that mean it will have the same building penetration issues as current 4G from Sprint?
    Dallas was early on for that version of 4G too. I lived with both Sprint on EVO 4G/then 3D and CLEAR on modem in my office that had to be mounted in a 10-foot vaulted-ceiling window to get reception. I liked getting 4G for nav and concurrent voice when in the car, but basically I never turned on the 4G radio because I could never get a signal inside.
  • It should have the same penetration as Sprint's 3G (1900mhz). Wimax is 2500mhz.
  • It will be much better than WiMax. WiMax was only deployed on Clearwire's own sites. LTE will be deployed on the same sites where current Sprint 3G resides. Frequency will be at 1900 MHz rather than 2500 MHz which is much better at building penetration. 800 MHz LTE will come eventually, which will be even better, but it doesn't look like the EVO LTE will support 800 MHz LTE unfortunately. However, by the time it matters you might want to be upgrading to a new phone anyway.
  • Basically, I'm switching from Samsung back to HTC in general. HTC makes the better cameras, better GPS. I like that the EVO LTE can take snap shots during video recording. I currently have the Epic 4G Touch, the GPS issue hasn't been fixed. I never had an issue with GPS when I had the EVO 3D.
  • Out of those three, I would choose the EVO LTE. But I'm waiting for the GS3.....no matter how long the wait is.
  • The one that actually does LTE in as many areas as the Galaxy Nexus from VZW does.
  • Had my HeroC not crapped out on me in December I would have purchased the Nexus. The Evo 4G LTE is a great looking phone but OS updates would be sweet.
  • Still on the fence. The only main differences to me are the camera (EVO wins), Sense (EVO Loses) and the buttons (I think I prefer the EVOs). But it's so close, I may have to wait to hold both in my hands and play with them side by side.
  • Sense 4.0 is much better than the old versions of Sense and you can always replace the launcher, if you use custom roms you can even run desensed roms or if your lucky AOSP after awhile. I don't particularly like any manufacturer skin, Touchwiz is probably the best of all of them, but I always replace them sooner or later.
  • I run "adwdb ex" as it is now, but sense is still on my phone and so is all of sprints garbage. It looks like they're sticking with the "purely android" experience with the Nexus, which is worth quite a bit to me. Oh and I absolutely HATE touchwiz. I don't know how you or anyone likes that in the least. They totally screwed up my GT10.1 with touchwiz. I rooted it for no other reason than to remove it.
  • If I were looking to switch to Sprint for an LTE device it would be the EVO 4G LTE. Unless the GNEX for Sprint is running 4.0.4 a lot of the people dying for it are going to be disappointed. Just a word of warning from an early VZW GNEX returnee.
  • My next upgrade is far into the future (April 2013). I'm hoping by then there will be a Photon LTE.
  • You cats crack me up. I'm in Metro Detroit, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Sprint's 3G speeds. As for the Nexus Program, with Sprint we're always going to be about 6 months late getting new hardware. Last year the Nexus S 4G didn't hit until May. My upgrade doesnt hit until October, and outside of finding a decently priced GNex, I'll probably wait to see what's dropping around the holiday season. The Galaxy series usually drops around that time on Sprint, so perhaps I'll go that route.
  • Even though I voted EVO 4G LTE, I'm not doing anything until Las Vegas LTE is turned on. Until then I'll continue saving money with my $40 Virgin Mobile Triumph.
  • I voted for none because until Sprint's LTE is fully rolled out it's senseless to buy a new phone at the moment. Why buy a LTE phone when there's no LTE coverage in Honolulu yet. I'll wait it out since I just upgraded in Dec. 2011 to a SGII. My next upgrade isn't till 2013 & by then I would hope LTE is up and running fully in Honolulu. Just my 2 sense!
  • I'll take the NOVA display and the 4"
  • i would consider going back to sprint pending on how their LTE network works out in MD, hopefully sprint can do better then put LTE towers in baltimore (an hour away from me) g nex and evo lte look like sweet devices
  • I'll stick with Sprints Evo line.
  • Should have been a 4th option - NONE. I'd go to Cricket before I ever go back to SPrInT. ICK
  • Waiting for news on the Galaxy SIII.. if it doesn't hit sprint first or at same time as Verizon, then so long sprint, all 5 of our lines will be moving on. Evo LTE was a let down, EXT batt should have been an option, and no more hardware buttons that are PRE-ICS.
  • It depends on whether Sprint slaps an additional 'super dupper enhanced data experience fee' to LTE devices like they did when the first 4G devices came to market last time - we all know how that one soon became a universal 'smartphone' fee. I've been paying this one ever since but never got to see an electron of 4G in my area. To add insult to the enhance data fee injury, since the Evo came out, the 3G signal has progressively deteriorated in my area making for a 'handicapped data experience' instead. I am not going to buy any additional phones from Sprint, the last line on my family plan will be up for renewal around Feb 2013 and then I will make a decision whether to stick with Sprint - if data issues are fixed - or try other networks to see how the service is on my area. I will also monitor news of upcoming markets for LTE and developments on the rumored Rev B network upgrades. So for now, I will stay firmly on the sidelines.
  • how about none? because sprint LTE sucks and are way behind...