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PNY's microSD cards, flash drives, and more are discounted by as much as 30% today only

Pny Storage Main Ac
Pny Storage Main Ac

Running low on storage? Amazon is having a sale on PNY storage products (opens in new tab), from SD cards to flash drives and more, for just one day only. With prices up to 30% off, it's the perfect time to make your move if you're in need of a larger or more reliable storage solution for some of the devices you own, be it a computer, camera, Nintendo Switch, or your phone. You'll even score free shipping if your order total reaches above $25 or you check out with Prime.

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If you're looking for a new SD card for your camera, RAM for your computer, or additional storage for your mobile device, today's sale is the way to get them for less. A variety of PNY's gear is on sale with prices from $5 for a limited time.

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

PNY Elite-X 128GB Micro SD Card

PNY Elite-X 128GB Micro SD Card (opens in new tab)

$18.99 $24.99 Save $6

As part of today's one-day deals Amazon has a variety of PNY microSD cards on sale, including this Elite-X 128GB card for $6 off. Whether you need a card for your Nintendo Switch, Android phone, Chromebook or anything else, this is the one to get.

PNY Elite 512GB microSD card

PNY Elite 512GB microSD card (opens in new tab)

$100.97 $169.99 Save $69

PNY Pro Elite 1TB Portable SSD

PNY Pro Elite 1TB Portable SSD (opens in new tab)

$129.33 $159.99 Save $31

PNY Elite 480GB USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) - (PSD1CS1050-480-FFS)

PNY Elite 480GB USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) - (PSD1CS1050-480-FFS) (opens in new tab)

$85.00 $149.99 Save $65

PNY Pro Elite 1TB Portable SSD

PNY Pro Elite 1TB Portable SSD (opens in new tab)

$132.49 $159.99 Save $28

We've seen prices for microSD cards continually drop over the past few months, and with this sale you can pick up the PNY Elite-X 128GB microSD card (opens in new tab) for just $16.99, which is one of its best prices ever. It averages $23 so today's deal is certainly worth snapping up. If you need more space, the 256GB version (opens in new tab) is also on sale at $31.99 which is around $12 less than it usually sells for. Both of these cards are reliable, fast, and can be used in a variety of devices including action cameras, smartphones, drones, tablets, PCs, and more. For those who need a full-size SD card, the deals start at just $5.49 (opens in new tab) for those.

Portable storage is great for toting essential files around, and flash drives are a perfect way to keep lots of your favorite and most personal data with you at all times. There are a bunch of them on sale today, from a pair of affordable 32GB flash drives (opens in new tab) at just $8 to high-capacity (opens in new tab) and even Lightning-equipped (opens in new tab) models.

It's well worth checking out the sale in full (opens in new tab) to see what's on offer. Just be sure to place your orders before the promotion ends tonight.

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