It looks like the Pixelbook 2 just stopped by the FCC

What you need to know

  • A new FCC listing has popped up, likely for the Pixelbook 2.
  • The FCC filing comes from the same manufacturer of the original Pixelbook.
  • Google previously stated that it was working on a Pixelbook successor for release in 2019.

The Pixelbook is one of the best Chromebooks to have ever graced this earth, and thanks to a new FCC listing spotted by 9to5Google, we have evidence that its successor is coming soon.

Although the FCC ID of "HFSG021A" doesn't reveal much of anything, the big thing worth noting is that the listing was submitted by Quanta Computer Inc. — the same manufacturer behind the OG Pixelbook.

Furthermore, if you remove the "HFS" prefix (part of Quanta's listing), you end up with "GO21A". If you follow Google's other Pixel products, you'll know that lines up with the company's other model numbers (for example, the Pixel 3 is GO13A).

That's where things get a little confusing, however. Looking back at the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate, those machines had FCC IDs of "HFSC0A" and "HFSC1A."

That would suggest that the new "HFSG021A" listing isn't a new Chromebook, but considering that Google itself has confirmed that a new Pixelbook will be released before 2019 is over, that seems to be the most likely assumption.

If this is the Pixelbook 2, we can expect it to be announced this fall alongside the Pixel 4 and any other hardware Google has cooking up. While an event hasn't been announced quite yet, Google's held hardware events in early October each year since 2016.

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Joe Maring

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