Ever since reviews first started coming out, Google's Pixel 2 XL has been faced with an onslaught of controversy and outrage surrounding its display. Initially, people were complaining about the phone's muted colors. Blue tints when looking at the display from an angle followed this, and now, there's the issue of possible screen burn-in.

Our own Alex Dobie first reported burn-in on his Pixel 2 XL this past weekend, spotting an outline of the navigation bar that had been burnt into the bottom of his 2 XL's display. We already went into further detail on the matter and talked more about what exactly burn-in really is, but seeing as how this is very much so a user-facing issue, we want to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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Here's what some of our forum users have already had to say.


IMO this is worth worrying about. A $850+ phone that you have to look out for burn in? No way, this isn't the plasma TV days of the early 2000s. If AC's Alex Dobie got burn in after 7 days of normal use, I don't see replacing a phone every 7 days being a realistic option.


Accurate colors, all for it. "blue tint," non-issue. Screen burn in though, would have me a bit worried. Definitely still excited for my Panda, but will keep a close eye on it. Any burn in and the warranty department will definitely get used to seeing my number pop up.


If this is a legitimate issue, Google will have to warranty replace them. It has literally been 72 hrs since official release. I'm not seeing the issue, however I keep my screen brightness around 30% or less, which may help with reducing burn in/image retention.


I'm as big of a supporter of Google and their efforts with the Pixel brand as much as anyone, but 7 days is unreasonable. Yes, OLED panels suffer from burn in, but after some time generally... To me, this is on a different level than the blue hue. A "cooler" display falls in the "preference" category... Burn-in, and 7 day burn in at that, is more QC. It's a brand new phone for crying out loud.


Just did a white screen on my OG Pixel and guess what? Super faint image of my Nav bar. And also guess what, I have never ever noticed it before in a year of use. So to me, this is a non-issue, if I didn't read this I'd never even know it was an issue and lived my life happily.


It would obviously be preferable for the phone to not have any screen burn-in in the first place, but based on what we know and have seen so far – is the Pixel 2 XL's reported burn-in an issue for you?

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