Pistol Whip Heartbreaker Trilogy free DLC out now to cool down your Summer

Pistol Whip Heartbreaker Trilogy Logo
Pistol Whip Heartbreaker Trilogy Logo (Image credit: Cloudhead Games)

What you need to know

  • The Heartbreaker Trilogy is the latest free DLC for Pistol Whip, and the final free DLC of the year.
  • This is the largest DLC yet, with three new songs, new guns, skins, modifiers, and effects.
  • All 23 achievements from the PSVR version are now available on PC and Oculus Quest.
  • The update is available right now on all PC VR platforms and Oculus Quest. PSVR players will get the update soon.

Pistol Whip developers Cloudhead Games has been on a roll since the game launched last year on PC VR and Oculus Quest systems. Every month packed in a brand new song, gameplay tweaks, modifiers, and guns for players to experience, and now Cloudhead Games is dropping its biggest update yet. Aimed at the "lovers, not the fighters", as Cloudhead Games lovingly puts it, the Heartbreaker Trilogy is a free DLC for Pistol Whip that includes three chill new songs that have a decidedly different pace and feeling than the high-action tunes we've come to know and love.

This is the first time Cloudhead Games has brought multiple songs in one DLC for Pistol Whip, and it also includes all 23 achievements from the PSVR version of the game. To fit right in with the theme of "make love, not war", the new water gun collection, splashing visual effects and vibrant colors make it easy to pretend you're having a water gun battle at the pool while it's still scorching outside. There's even a new synth gun sound that blends in with the pseudo-80's aesthetic of these new scenes and songs.

A2 1 Even Lower Res

Source: Cloudhead Games (Image credit: Source: Cloudhead Games)

For veteran players, Cloudhead Games has added in a bevy of new modifiers which make it easy to keep on the top of the leaderboards, provided you have a certain set of skills, of course. The new Vengeance modifier makes enemies shoot right back when players land a shot, while Disorder scrambles the enemy types to make levels more unpredictable. These two modifiers will add to your score when used, which makes it possible to get even higher scores as you hone your skills to keep Pistol Whip from destroying your frail human form.

Dual-wield players will be happy to know that using two guns no longer affects your score at all. Previously, dual-wielding guns would result in a lower overall score because it was thought that this might unfairly skew high scores toward players who use more than one gun at a time. Turns out, this is one of the best Beat Saber alternatives for a reason, as it challenges players no matter what guns they use. PC VR and Oculus Quest users can experience the DLC right now by updating their game, while PSVR players will have to wait just a bit longer for this new content. We are expecting the next content drop towards the later part of the year with the first paid-DLC for Pistol Whip.

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