Best Beat Saber Alternatives in 2024

Audica VR Gameplay
Audica VR Gameplay (Image credit: Harmonix Musical Systems)

You've mastered Beat Saber's Expert+ songs, downloaded and conquered custom songs and transformed into a god of rhythm. Still, this uber-popular title has been out for over two years and slicing up musical blocks has to get repetitive after a while. Thankfully you'll find plenty of other VR games to fill its niche. Whether you're more interested in the nonstop action, daily exercise, hopping music or just slicing and dicing things, we know what your next VR purchase should be.

Bust a move

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Beat Saber has been so successful in part because of its simplicity. You move your motion controllers to hit blocks and move your head to dodge obstacles. Other games aiming for its rhythm throne usually challenge it by adding more complicated mechanics, or focusing on specific areas Beat Saber only touches on like dancing or exercise routines. So whichever games you pick next as a possible Beat Saber replacement, think carefully about what specifically you're hoping to get out of it.

If you're looking for a new workout routine to replace Beat Saber's cardio for a more comprehensive, total body workout, consider Audio Trip. You'll still have fun memorizing and mastering expert routines, but you'll work up much more of a sweat by the end of it. There's also Synth Riders, which is an immersive blast without being as overtly difficult.

For those considering something a bit more action-oriented, Pistol Whip will switch things up drastically, without giving up the excellent soundtrack and movement-heavy gameplay you're used to. Or, if you want to cut up more than musical blocks, Until You Fall will help you master the rhythm of combat.

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