One Plus One vs LG G4

If there's one thing LG and OnePlus fans have in common, it's a deep appreciation for the general form factor chosen to encase the chips that make their favorite smartphones go. LG owners pick up something that isn't their device and awkwardly poke around in an attempt to find power and volume keys that aren't on the back of the phone, while OnePlus owners watch as some other phone slips out of their hand and try to keep a straight face as they hand the device back. With the launch of the G4, LG has given their fans a powerhouse with no shortage of impressive replaceable backs, and that combination is going to cause users from every group to give this new device a passing glance.

How does the OnePlus One hold up side by side with the G4? Glad you asked. Lets take a look.

While both the G4 and OnePlus One are packing 5.5-inch displays, the OnePlus One manages to be slightly taller than the G4. It almost looks like the phones would be roughly the same size if the capacitive buttons on the One didn't exist, but outside of the extra button space you see both phones do a great job making use of the front of the phone for display only. The back of these devices offer different kinds of grippy backs — OnePlus with the sandstone black coating and LG with the vegetable-tanned leather — and each can be swapped out for other options. LG places its speaker on the back left, while OnePlus opts for the speaker on the bottom, but even with the speaker pointed away from the user the G4 is noticeably louder than the OnePlus One. Both feel like sturdy, well crafted machines with some customization options, and while LG's curves are more pronounces than what you'll find on the One they both feel great in your hand and can be used with one hand without issue.

LG and OnePlus have created compelling options that carefully walk the line between reasonable one-handed phone and giant superphone.

Similar hardware does not mean similar software, and in that aspect you'll find OnePlus and LG couldn't be more different. Whether you're using Cyanogen OS or OxygenOS on your OnePlus One, you'll find a cleaner overall experience with more granular personalization options and very little cruft and bloatware. On the other hand, LG's software brings with it a superior photography experience that allows the rear camera to positively crush the One. In fact, the rear camera on the OnePlus is more fairly compared to the front camera on the G4, which is an important thing to keep in mind when deciding which phone should you'd prefer.

In the end it's all about choice, and fortunately LG and OnePlus have created compelling options that carefully walk the line between reasonable one-handed phone and giant superphone. If that's what you're looking for, the choice between the two is a little complicated.

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