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This is a picture of a Samsung Galaxy Note with an AT&T logo

Forgive us for not being too terribly excited about a render of the Samsung Galaxy Note with an AT&T logo on it. But the Galaxy Note, despite its huge-ass 5.3-inch screen size, has garnered a surprising amount of interest here in the States, and this one you see before you here has UCLA featured on Google Maps. Interesting. (Check out our full review if you've yet to get your hands on one.)

But what we're really interested in is official pricing and a release date. If we had to guess, we'd put even money on seeing it in a week at AT&T's developer conference in Las Vegas (we'll be there, of course) on the eve of CES.

Anyhoo, here's a render of a Samsung Galaxy Note with an AT&T logo and a mention of UCLA. Don't think you'll be able to squint much more out of it, but feel free to try.

Source: SamMobile

  • Very ugly graphic.
  • Samsung/ATT, Please change chrome trim to Black Chrome or something different! Matte Gun Metal or Blk/White option maybe? Amazing phonetablet but LAST thing I want is having it look like a "big iphone 4" from the front view! It'll be embarassing if it gets nicknamed that since its the bugatti of phones. It needs its own distinct aesthetic. Thumbs up for the LTE, NFC, + ICS plans!
  • That is... huge-ass 5.3 inch super amoled HD screen with 1280 x 800 resolution! Glad I got mine unlocked before AT&T bloats it up and kills the battery with LTE...
  • What do you mean, "despite" its screen? HA! I'm ready for bigger, and obviously a lot of other people are, too. And it's not for everyone -- but that's why we have sooooo many choices. /Kevin
  • Agreed, its the future! Era of the Smart PhoneTablet is here!
  • As long as it keeps edging our way. Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular. Hell, let 'em all have it!
  • Amen SteveIowa.
  • I realize it's just a render, but I'll take my unlocked international Note over this one. I'm getting good data speeds and excellent battery life. AT&T's LTE network is a year or so away from being built out enough to matter.
  • I'm a long time AC fan, and the galaxy note is the first device that has made me realize how bias this blog is. It's ok though, because I love AC! And plus, I can form my own opinion about things. I can't wait for the Note, and I am not scared of how big it is.
    (teeheehee, that sounds funny)
  • 1. It's biased. Not bias. 2. Ain't nothing biased here. It's a big-ass device. I know this having held it. :)
  • Hi Phil
    I appreciate the good work you do, but it is not perfect. I am a writer and I spot mistakes you make all the time. Want me to start correcting them? Not just you either; dang, AC should probably hire me to proof read. I don't see your comment as biased, but as good use of slang. However, in the interest of objectivity, it should have been supplemented with a comment on the beautiful Super Amoled colors or the stunning 1280 X 800 HD resolution.
  • I really don't get it. I read his post over three times now and don't see how anything can be construed as being biased. Biased towards what, exactly? Your comment doesn't make sense.
  • right, 'biased', my bad =] There are times when the guys sum up particular devices by saying the equivalent of "its' great, if you like this kind of crap", keeping that tone throughout the reviews and mentioning of the product. The galaxy note is one example, but there are others. The size of the note might not be right for most people, but every android enthusiast should agree that when it came out (and still so today, kinda), it was the "Rolls Royce" of android devices. It has a 1.4ghz dual core, with an HD screen, plus a stylus, and its made by Samsung. I mean.... come on.... give it at least a little love so people don't have to get excited for it on their own.
    That's all i'm sayin =] I love you Phil....
  • Phil Nickison= small hands==> can't handle the Galaxy Note
  • Sprint? Please, they too busy riding on apple's dick. I just don't see sprint having as good a selection with android devices this year compared to last year. I mean there was no iphone so the evo 3d, photon and epic touch sold well but now not so much. I don't think will sprint will focus as much as they use too on other devices being that they are in the hole with apple. Of course I hope I am wrong and that they do carry some beast android phones this year like they did last year, I guess only time will tell.
  • Dude Sprint already promised to release like 12 devices once LTE rolls out. So do you mean to tell me that the next EVO and the GS3 will not be one of those devices? Stop being paranoid and relax.
  • I could feel the snark from my screen lol
  • This has been the phone I've been the most excited about since it was first announced. I think the large, beautiful screen and the large battery make it perfect. The stylus is icing on the cake. But I need it on Verizon.
  • Wow the fan following for this phone is amazing. Just looking at these comments. Either you love the note or you keep moving and keep option to yourself.
  • Why redesign it? International version looks just perfect with the home button. Mayb TMO will get the unaltered version :)
  • Apple lawsuit worries, reliability concerns (less moving parts, stronger glass), and the American market has been trained that Android devices need 4 capacitive buttons. They'll all be capacitive-only in the US, and they'll all be Snapdragon MSM8660 powered. Same as the Skyrocket and the Hercules.
  • Sprint and one of the AT&T versions is Exynos. And remember there's a reason they switched to Snapdragon, Exynos doesn't play well with LTE radios, or HSPA+42 radios
  • Unless AT&T decides to stick an LTE radio in their version, which is highly possible.
  • Well I'm 6'5, 250. Big-ass devices were made for guys like me. Regardless of what the baby-men say ;) Now, me getting it without having to leave Sprint, that might be another story.
  • I'm 6'.5' i guess those 4.5 inches of height makes a difference because for me, something like the skyrocket is the cut-off screen size
  • Gosh i want this bad boy badly definately the perfect device i have always dreamed of. Only a few problems exist it's heading to at&t which would'nt be bad but there data plans SUCK DONKEY BALLS. 4GB just not enough for yhis kind of kingly device. I need to see this on verizon with my already king of android devices the Galaxy Nexus with my 10gb of data don't think that will happen thou. At&t needs to throw some kind of data promo just like verizon did in November then i would jump on this like WHITE ON RICE. Meanwhile the best smartphone on the market is my GALAXY NEXUS but i would love to add the best phonetablet on the market in the GALAXY NOTE. What a great 2yrs i have had i had the original OG EVO 4G the EVO 3D then the Lg Revolution, the the GalaxyS2 Skyrocket for 2weeks then finally the Galaxy Nexus. I have had so much phone..
  • Wait.. 5.3?? Really?
  • Having had my Note since it came out in the UK a month ago, I can finally say I am totally happy with a handset. There's nothing new about the size, I had the woefully unsupported but excellent Dell Streak for near two years. Is the Note a million miles better than the Streak? No, but its just so much more fluid and feels solid yet light in your hand. I've never fancied a Samsung before coming of the back of iPhone 2 then 3, Dell Streak and Motorola Atrix. The Atrix should have been "great" but I'd had enough of Dells lack of interest to go through it all again with Motorola. This handset is just so well sorted in everyway. I'd have preferred a different look than an overblown s2 but this is just being peevish, its a powerhouse of a handset and without LTE as we don't have it in the UK, I find the battery surprisingly good considering its huge screen. This handset has the capacity to be a classic - if priced right. its expensive over here but I wouldn't be without it. Jump in and enjoy!
  • Why does it have to be an att exclusive? Just release the phone on all carriers!
  • i want this tablet/phone eer .... but 5.3 inchs DAMN !!
  • i like big phones but i think this one is a little big even for me. at this point - the G-Nex appears to be perfect for me. but hey - to each his own. that's the beauty of Android - choice.
  • Can't wait! The Nexus fanboys are out in attack formations! Bigger is better!
  • Phablet. The word everyone is looking for is phablet. 5" to >7" = phablet. I for one badly want one, but not at the cost of selling my soul to AT&T. I may just need to import one... Anyways phablet, the word is phablet. Phablet.
  • Considering the cureent LTE issues, I hope this device is not headed to Verizon.
  • I have AT&T and daily hate my Apple. I love my wife's Droid Razr, but find myself wishing it had a larger screen. I was waiting for the SGS2, but bit the Nexus bait and waited for it. Then the Note was announced. I'm still anxiously waiting. I am so glad I didn't succumb to the Nexus hype. It has no removable SD, a slower CPU, no Gorilla glass, only a 4.3" screen once you discount the buttons, lower resolution cameras, no DLNA support, and woefully inadequate battery power-the worst of any Android. Google phone? So what? Does the original Nexus have official ICS yet? NO. Read the reviews, check the You-Tubes, see what owners are saying,the Galaxy Note rules! It is unparalleled in what it offers. The screen size may be a factor for some, but once people see how great it looks, and everything it can do, it will be the King of Android Phones, and a "huge-ass" (to quote P. N.) SUCCESS. I believe it is only a matter of time before most carriers will sell it. They want to make money.