What color Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 should you buy?

The cat's out of the bag and ready to play. With the launch of the lovely new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, you have a nice range of colors to choose from. There are some old faces and a few new ones, as well as online-only options.

Samsung has some excellent trade-in offers and deals available for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 right out of the gate. The only thing left for you to do is to make up your mind about what color Galaxy Z Fold 6 you should buy. Here's a look at all the available shades.

Samsung's color offerings for the Galaxy Z Fold 6

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Phone colors reflect the owner's tastes

When wondering what color Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 you should buy, not many factors come into play, especially if you're going to be using a phone case. I would strongly suggest you stick with non-exclusive hues because those tend to have limited spare parts. This means if you dent or break your Fold 6, repairs could take longer than usual if the color is an online exclusive shade. Fixing foldable phones is more expensive anyway, so this is a crucial thing to remember.

That being said, Samsung has played it relatively safe this year. You have your standard silver branded as Silver Shadow, and also two other basic shades that are online exclusives, Crafted Black and White. If you're more of a straight arrow, these colorways will easily please you. There are plenty of people who just buy their devices in black and call it a day.

The non-grayscale hues include Pink and Navy. I'll be honest, I'm very biased toward Pink because that's one of my favorite colors. I've been a fan of this particular soft shade ever since the days of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, so I couldn't be happier that Samsung is offering a similar color for the Galaxy Z Fold 6. If you're not loving the pink for whatever reason, there's no going wrong with Navy except that it's a tad boring.

At the end of the day, it's your money and you call the shots! And hey, if you don't feel overjoyed with any of these shades, just get a dapper case to smarten up your Z Fold 6.

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