What color Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 should you buy?

The Flip model of Samsung's foldables always performs really well, which is probably why the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 comes in a whopping seven assorted shades. Not all colors are available everywhere though, as some hues are limited to Samsung's online store.

Let's admire all seven colors of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 to help you decide which one you should buy. We have mentioned which hues are exclusives to help you out.

The seven colors of the Galaxy Z Flip 6

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Only one color goes home with you, so choose wisely

Right off the bat, I will warn you to think twice before buying an online exclusive shade. Since the standard color variants are sold more widely, it's easier to find spare parts for the Galaxy Z Flip 6. If you purchase an online exclusive shade, there's a possibility of low or no stock if you need to replace parts of your beloved folding phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 comes in more colors than the Galaxy Z Fold 6. So if you've picked this model for yourself, you're going to have even more choice. Of course, some might find this daunting, but that's where we come in. First, decide whether you want bright, colorful shades or B&W hues.

Every Galaxy Z Flip 6 colorway apart from Silver Shadow, White, and Crafted Black is colorful. Silver is a crowd favourite, and so is black, but I'd suggest steering away from the darker color because it's an online exclusive.

As for the bolder options, shades like Yellow and Peach are the brightest, perkiest, and happiest options. Have fun with it and enjoy crazier colors. It's your phone after all. And if you regret your choice a few months later, you can always get an awesome Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 case to switch up its look.

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