What color Galaxy S24 Ultra should you buy?

Now that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has been unveiled in all of its glory, it's time to pick your favorite color. Whether you're window shopping or trying to make a real-life decision, we're here to help. Here are all the colors of the S24 Ultra, including the online exclusive hues. Let's browse through them before settling on what color Galaxy S24 Ultra you should buy.

A galaxy of colors from which to choose

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Deciding what color Galaxy S24 Ultra you should buy

Like every year, Samsung released both retail and online exclusive colorways for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Before picking among all the available shades, first, you need to figure out where you will buy the Samsung phone. You'll get more choices online, so that's probably the best pathway if you prefer unusual hues.

We've already looked at all the color variants of the S24 Ultra so far. Of them all, Titanium Grey, Titanium Black, Titanium Yellow, and Titanium Violet are official retail options available widely. On the other hand, the online exclusive shades that can only be bought from Samsung's website are Titanium Orange, Titanium Blue, and Titanium Green.

Our top pick this year is the Titanium Violet variant of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This deep hue has a punch to it and the silver accents complement it very nicely. It's also the most easily recognizable retail shade of the S24 Ultra. If you want to be daring and splashy though, the Titanium Orange is hard to beat.

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