This new Verizon deal gets you a free Samsung Galaxy S23 OR a free smart TV for some reason — no trade-in required!

Holding the Galaxy S23

I see a lot of great Verizon deals, but they often involve so many eligibility requirements that it can be hard for folks to get the smartphone savings they want. Fortunately, the Big Three carrier has just launched a Samsung Galaxy S23 deal that lacks most of that pesky fine print: add a line with an eligible data plan and you'll score enough promo credits to make the phone 100% free. No kidding. 

All of Verizon's current Unlimited plans will get you the free phone, but if you choose the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, you could choose to get a FREE Amazon 65-inch Omni Series Fire TV instead. That's a $799.99 value, the only catch is that you'll have to pay full price for the phone to get the TV. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB: $699.99FREE with eligible data plan OR get a FREE 65" smart TV at Verizon

Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB: $699.99 FREE with eligible data plan OR get a FREE 65" smart TV at Verizon

The compact Galaxy S23 may be last year's flagship, but it's still a sweet Android phone, coming complete with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, a lovely 6.1-inch AMOLED display, and years of software support guaranteed. You even get to enjoy all of those fancy Galaxy AI features that the OEM has been talking about.  Buy the phone and add an eligible line to your Verizon service and you'll get $699.99 in promo credits over 36 months. That makes the S23 completely free. 

That being said, if you don't mind paying for the phone, you can choose the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan and get a FREE 65-inch smart TV out of the deal, because why not? 

Of course, if money isn't an object, you'll be better off going straight to the newer Samsung Galaxy S24 — but when you compare the Galaxy S23 vs S24, you'll see that the two phones aren't actually that different. Sure, the Galaxy S23 has an older processor and a slightly smaller display, but you won't notice any real difference with day to day use. So if you're a Verizon user or you're looking to switch, why not take advantage of this offer and get one of the best Android phones released last year?  

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