This Goldilocks Samsung phone is $250 off for Prime Day

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If you're on the hunt for a new smartphone, Prime Day 2023 turned out to be a surprisingly good time to find all of the best Android phones at a low price. That includes the Samsung Galaxy S23+, which is up to $250 off on Amazon, depending on how much storage you buy.

I call the Galaxy S23+ the Goldilocks phone of the lineup for a reason. It gives you plenty of display space at 6.6 inches without being difficult to hold, like the S23 Ultra. It has a couple of key spec upgrades over the smaller Galaxy S23 that make it the more compelling option. And for Prime Day, you can get it with a massive 512GB of storage — for what you'd normally pay for a 256GB Galaxy S23. 


Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus: $1,119.99 $869.99 at Amazon

Thanks to the fastest (Samsung-exclusive) chip on any Android phone, combined with our favorite OS (One UI 5.1), the Samsung Galaxy S23+ is an absolute pleasure to use for both everyday browsing and hardcore gaming. Our reviewer praised the "incredible performance," "excellent cameras," ultra-bright and smooth AMOLED display, and all the other intangibles that make the S23+ so impressive.

While I liked and highly reviewed the Galaxy S22+, the S23+ fixes the biggest flaw with that phone: that it felt like a performance downgrade because Samsung reserves 12GB for its Ultra phones. This year, the S23+ doesn't need extra RAM because the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 blows away all past Android benchmarks for performance and efficiency. 

It's a gaming-ready phone out of the box, with a gorgeous 120Hz display and improved battery life, beating most of the best Android phones in benchmarks, software, and a less cumbersome design for one-handed use.

If you're mainly concerned about getting the lowest possible price, you can buy the 256GB variant for $799 ($200 off). That still gets you Samsung's upgraded UFS 4.0 storage, which helps load Android games twice as fast as past generations of phones — even before you take the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 into account. 

Otherwise, you'll also find the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra on sale in our list of Prime Day 2023 phone deals. Snagging the 256GB Galaxy S23 for just $659 is a pretty great steal; make sure you buy the extra storage, since the 128GB model downgrades to UFS 3.1.

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