There's no reason NOT to buy the Google Pixel 6a at this Prime Day price

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Most Prime Day 2023 phone deals will save you hundreds of dollars, but the starting price is too high to make them truly affordable without a trade-in deal. Want a smartphone you can buy outright? You have two options: a cheap Moto phone with plenty of compromises to hit that price, or save $100 on the Google Pixel 6a and get one of Android Central's top-rated phones of 2022.

Our Pixel 6a review gushed about this "triumph" of a phone, with its "top-tier" cameras powered by Tensor AI tech, 40%-faster performance than similarly-priced phones, and all-day battery life. It's a year old, but it still has another four years of software support planned with Google's trademark speed. In my humble opinion, it's the best Prime Day 2023 phone deal you'll find today that anyone can afford.


Google Pixel 6a: $350 $250 at Amazon

Our former pick for the best budget Android phone before the Pixel 7a supplanted it, the Pixel 6a still has a lot of gas left in the tank. It's speedy, comfortable to use one-handed thanks to its 6.1-inch display, and has all of Google's AI tricks like Magic Eraser and Call Screening. It makes flagship phones look overpriced, even when it's not on sale for Prime Day. 

Of course, you can also save $100 on the Pixel 7a, upgrading to a 90Hz display and adding more RAM, plus a higher-res 64MP camera and wireless charging. For some people, the Pixel 7a vs. 6a gap will justify spending the extra $150 for an upgrade. But frankly, the Pixel 6a is still an incredible steal at this price, and anything more than $250 just can't be called "cheap" during Prime Day. 

Still, if you can't bear to pass up the latest model, we'll point you to that Pixel 7a deal as well:


Google Pixel 7a: $499 $399 at Best Buy

Forget spending a thousand dollars (or more) on a new phone! The Google Pixel 7a is at its lowest price ever and is really the only phone you even need to consider this year. Get the award-winning Pixel camera, a gorgeous display, and regular Pixel updates and new features with this great deal.

Also available at Amazon for $449

Because it's a Prime Day deal, it's only available to Prime members. If you haven't taken that plunge yet, you can start a 30-day free trial now. Just your savings on the Pixel 6a would cover the cost of an annual membership, and you'll probably save even more on the other best Prime Day tech deals we've collected. 

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