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Can you remove the built-in screen protector on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 on a table together
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Can you remove the built-in screen protector on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4?

Yes, you can remove the pre-installed screen protector on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4. Even though it does not void the warranty, the process should be handled with care.

Screen protection is vital to keep that display crack-free

Replacing any screen protector is scary when done at home, and things get even more nerve-wracking with Samsung's fabulous foldables. Although the earlier generations of the Galaxy Fold phones were wrought with issues concerning fragility, this is no longer the case with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Still, considering the Fold's problematic past, you're sure to get a little anxious when thinking about replacing the built-in screen protector.

Unlike the original Galaxy Fold, Samsung has confirmed that you can remove the pre-installed screen guard from your Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4's screen worry-free. This will not void your Samsung phone's warranty or harm the device in any way. Needless to say, you should take extra care when peeling off the factory-installed screen protector and installing a newer one.

Milomdoi Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Screen Protector being installed on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

(Image credit: Milomdoi)

Our own Chris Wedel overcame his fears and carefully replaced his Galaxy Z Fold 2's screen protector twice on his own. If you're in need of guidance, reading about his experience might help you too. As you'll learn from Chris, having the right screen protector and a helpful kit at hand is crucial for at-home installation.

An all-in-one package with protective films for both the displays as well as tools for accurate placement is the exact thing you need. We recommend getting the Milomdoi Screen Protector for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 since it's a set of nine that comes with everything you need. As for the chic little Z Flip 4, some excellent screen protectors include the IMBZBK Screen Protector (9 in 1) and the Orzero TPU Screen Protector (8-pack).

Should you feel afraid to do it yourself even after getting the right tools, it's always a good idea to approach an expert and have them handle it for you instead. Better be safe than sorry!

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