Samsung confirms its Unpacked event will be held in South Korea

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What you need to know

  • Samsung DX president Lee Young-hee confirms the next Unpacked event will be held in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Lee stated the choice was made due to the importance of Samsung's home of Korea.
  • This summer's Unpacked event will play host to the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5, and the Galaxy Watch 6.

With excitement building around the launch of Samsung's next wave of foldables, at the very least the country it will take place in has been confirmed.

Korean publication Yonhap News posted a small teaser provided by Lee Young-hee, president of Samsung DX (Device eXperience) division’s Global Marketing Center which stated the upcoming Unpacked event will take place in South Korea (via SamMobile). According to the outlet, Lee Young-hee stated this summer's Galaxy Unpacked event will take place in Seoul as opposed to previous venues in the United States.

The decision behind this location for the event was made "because Korea is meaningful and important." Yonhap sees Samsung's choice to hold its large Unpacked event on its native soil as an important one for its domestic market moving forward.

Lee didn't have much more to say on the topic in terms of an exact location. However, SamMobile cites rumors which suggest the Korean OEM could host its event at COEX in Gangnam-Gu, Seoul.

While at least the country and city are confirmed, the exact date consumers can expect to see new Samsung devices revealed is still up in the air. It was previously rumored the company was interested in pushing its Unpacked event up by two weeks, landing it a new date somewhere in late July. The speculated date is July 26, for now, until Samsung comes with a more official statement.

The reasoning behind the shift appears to be financial as Samsung has grappled with a sudden downturn in profits due to a lack of demand in the semiconductor market as noted in its recent earnings report. An earlier date would allow the company to get its next wave of devices into consumers' hands sooner to help it as we move into the third quarter.

Speaking of new devices, Samsung's 2023 summer Unpacked event should play host to the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5. Both devices have recently had some new colorways leaked, blue, green, platinum, and yellow for the Z Flip 5 along with blue and platinum for the Fold 5. There were also a few renders of both devices leaked, as well, which show some subtle changes coming for both foldable phones.

The Galaxy Watch 6 should also accompany both devices, as well, as recent rumors revealed a design that users will undoubtedly recognize.

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