Samsung may be working on a smaller Galaxy S Ultra as rumors of a cheaper Fold reignite

The large inner display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest Samsung is flirting with the possibility of an "enhanced performance" FE device, which could be a smaller Galaxy S Ultra to compete with the iPhone Pro.
  • The company is allegedly interested in creating a "Fold Lite" as two prototypes, one with a smaller cover display and one without, apparently exist.
  • Samsung has denied rumors of a more affordable "FE" foldable for 2024.
  • If Samsung does move forward with a "Fold Lite," it may not be accompanied by a "Flip Lite" equivalent.

Rumors have surfaced regarding Samsung's potential smartphone changes following its Galaxy S25 series.

Details from Naver suggest Samsung will "implement a new design code" after 2025, and it may consider adding an "enhanced performance" Galaxy FE device (via Tech_Reve on X). This "enhanced" FE Android phone is rumored to be a smaller Galaxy S Ultra as the Korean OEM looks to build competition against Apple's iPhone Pro.

Allegedly, nothing has been set in stone at Samsung involving this potential plan, so take it with a grain of salt, especially as the report notes that Samsung's flagship lineup may not change for some time, at least not until the Galaxy S28 series.

Meanwhile, it appears that Samsung's Galaxy A series lineup could become smaller as the company may opt to launch fewer devices to fit the genre.

Rumors continue to say a "Galaxy Fold Lite" could be on the horizon following 2024's launch of the Fold 6. Supposedly, there are two Fold Lite prototypes in development: one with a smaller external display and one without. The former is said to be much smaller than the cover display Samsung slapped onto the original Fold, which came in at 4.6 inches.

What's more, if Samsung moves forward with this "Lite" idea, the company may only launch a singular foldable device with the larger book-style foldable, meaning we probably shouldn't expect a "Flip Lite."

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time we've heard rumors of a "lite" or "budget" Samsung foldable, as the company was reportedly playing with the idea in November. However, a following report denied any such plans happening in 2024, mirroring the new rumors of a potential "Fold Lite" arriving after the Fold 6 launches. Moreover, Samsung's spokesperson suggested that a "Galaxy Z Flip FE" or the like isn't entirely off the table, so we'll have to see where things take us from here.

But again, take it with a grain of salt, as the company has yet to announce anything and these alleged plans can always change.

Meanwhile, we were treated to some rumors about the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 a week ago. Speculation floated around regarding a new display aspect ratio, different from the Fold 5's "tall and narrow" cover screen. Aside from that, no other such information was stated about what more Samsung could do for either display.

The Flip 6 could gain thinner internal bezels after it was rumored the clamshell could receive a near-four-inch cover display.

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