Samsung 'Ironflex' trademark could mean stronger displays for foldables and more

Using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5's selfie camera
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What you need to know

  • Samsung has applied to trademark the term "Ironflex," which pertains to "foldable OLED panels."
  • Speculation suggests this could mean stronger foldable displays for Samsung's next wave of foldables.
  • The trademark also shows Samsung could use Ironflex for its tablets and wearables.

Samsung has been spotted trademarking a piece of hardware that could affect future foldable debuts.

According to GalaxyClub (Dutch), Samsung has applied the paperwork necessary to trademark "Ironflex" technology to the Korean Intellectual Property Office. This comes from the company's display division, stating Ironflex is a "foldable OLED panel" to be used with a foldable device.

Current speculation suggests Ironflex is a new "sturdier" display for Samsung's devices moving forward.

Moreover, the trademark explains that Samsung looks to use Ironflex in more places, such as Galaxy wearables and Android tablets.

Since foldable screens bend, durability is often a concern for consumers. The company implemented its new waterdrop hinge for its 2023 foldables, which boosted its long-term durability. Samsung reportedly tested its hinge to survive a goal of 200,000 folds with 300,000 being its limit. If Ironflex is to strengthen the display, that could come in handy in another department.

There were folding concepts by Samsung that showed a Galaxy Z Fold bending inward and outward — lying completely flat both ways. Ironflex may help the display survive even longer if the company is looking to move forward with such ambitions.

There's also the assumption that Samsung could use this hardware on any future AR/VR glasses, though, that remains to be seen.

Aside from an array of possibilities, the trademark doesn't give out information on when this technology would arrive. However, it's assumed that Samsung could be preparing it for the Flip 6 and Fold 6, which are slated to release later this year.

A rumor that did the rounds in December suggests there could be a bit more to expect from Samsung's next wave of foldables. Supposedly, the brand is interested in "altering" the design of the Fold 6's internal and external displays. What's more, its design could change to mirror that of the Galaxy S25 series in 2025.

Additionally, the Flip 6 may receive thinner bezels when compared to the Flip 5, as well as a possible size increase for its cover display.

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