The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 might see changes to its cover screen

A mockup of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 using wallpaper generated by Adobe Firefly AI
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)
  • Tipster Ice Universe comes up with interesting details of the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover screen.
  • While the tipster managed to show a third-party cover screen protector of the foldable, it also revealed the possible size of the cover screen.
  • The screen protector further indicates a flatter, squared-off cover screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

The next Galaxy foldables should launch as early as July and new information indicates critical changes are coming to the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover screen ahead of the launch.

According to a reliable tipster, Ice Universe on X (via SamMobile), the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will likely have a wider cover screen than the predecessor Galaxy Z Fold 5. The tipster indicates that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 could have a cover screen measuring 60.2mm in width instead of the 57.4mm from the previous iteration.

Ice Universe managed to share the possible third-party screen protectors of the Z Fold 6, which has not only revealed the size of the cover screen but has also further indicated that it will have a flatter surface and squared corners rather than rounded from the previous model.

After three years, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 may get a better and larger cover screen if the third-party screen protector that the tipster provided is accurate. This is because the cover screens of the previous three generations of the foldable phone were nearly identical.

While it sounds too good to be true, it will be encouraging to see if Samsung opts for it. A wider cover screen also means wider real estate; thus, the use case should be much easier, similar to what we have seen on the Pixel Fold or OnePlus Open.

In another recent X post, Ice Universe shared some interesting details about the foldable screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 6. This time, The folding screen will likely look more squarish when unfolded in a design similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Besides, the first renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 also indicated similar design elements.

In April, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 was also tipped to be thinner and lighter than the predecessor as it is expected to weigh 239 grams, down from 256 grams on the Z Fold 5. In terms of thickness, the drive should likely measure 5.6mm (unfolded) and 12.1mm (in folded state); in comparison, the previous iteration measures 6.1mm and 13.4mm, respectively.

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