Alleged Galaxy S23 FE battery certification suggests a launch might actually happen

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE's camera module
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new South Korean certification site has received a battery for certification for an upcoming phone, likely the Galaxy S23 FE.
  • The EB-BS711ABY battery model reportedly belongs to an SM-S711 phone from Samsung.
  • While it doesn’t reveal battery capacity, it implies the launch could happen soon.

After skipping the Galaxy S22 FE last year, due to chip shortages, the news about the successor Galaxy S23 FE picked up early this year. A new battery certification now confirms a launch is likely on the way.

A South Korean certification site has reportedly received the alleged Galaxy S23 FE battery for certification, notes Galaxy Club. The certification also includes an image of the battery, which looks a little blurry, making it challenging to discern specific details.

Alleged Galaxy S23 FE battery leak

(Image credit: via Galaxy Club)

The battery model showcased bears the EB-BS711ABY model number and supposedly belongs to a phone carrying SM-S711, which happens to be the alleged Galaxy S23 FE.

The model number and the public certification from a South Korean site suggest we could finally see Galaxy S23 FE in the coming months. While the certificate doesn’t mention the battery capacity, Galaxy Club hints at a possible 4500mAh battery capacity based on earlier rumors.

It is interesting to see little steps pointing toward the alleged Galaxy S23 FE launch. Despite the alleged battery hitting the certification, very little about the upcoming Fan Edition phone is known. The rumored specifications include Samsung opting for an Exynos chipset as opposed to Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets from the best Android handsets like the Galaxy S23.

A recent report from SamMobile has indicated that the Galaxy S23 FE will use an Exynos 2200 SoC for all regions where the phone will likely be released, including the U.S. This is the same chipset used in international versions of the Galaxy S22.

Other interesting details about the camera setup popped up last month. It revealed that the S23 FE might opt for the same sensor as the Galaxy S23. It could host the same 50MP primary camera, which is a significant upgrade compared to the Galaxy S21 FE and previous Fan Edition models.

As for the launch, it still needs to be clarified. However, the Fan Edition launch cycle is particularly distinct because it often occurs later in the year compared to the flagship series, which launches earlier in the year. However, this cycle has been broken before, particularly when it came to the Galaxy S21 FE.

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