Poll: Do you like the Nothing phone (1) design?

Nothing phone (1) rear panel lights
(Image credit: StockX)

The cat is pretty much out of the bag. The design of the Nothing phone (1) has been revealed, showing off a rather interesting-looking rear panel. The phone eschews the typical clean look you find on most smartphones for a more industrial design. We have yet to see the front of the phone, but the rear already has plenty going on.

Based on what you've seen so far, do you like the design of the Nothing phone (1)?

The Nothing phone (1) has been hyped up for some time, and the recent move to reveal the phone's design ahead of potential leaks is the latest attempt to entice potential buyers. The company has teased that the phone will feature a transparent rear, which is more or less what we get.

You don't really get to see the phone's internals, per see, as they're carefully covered. Rather, the design shows how its internal components are arranged, a large portion of the rear taken up by what appears to be the wireless charging coil. There's also a dual-camera setup at the top left corner of the phone, meaning the phone will likely be pit among the best budget Android phones. Several screws are visible throughout the rear, making the device look a bit like an unfinished prototype.

The Nothing phone (1) back panel with illuminating light strips

(Image credit: Das Kann Was / YouTube)

One surprising aspect of the design is the inclusion of LED strips, including the rings around the cameras and charging coil. This isn't the first smartphone to feature illuminating parts on the rear, although other examples are usually limited to the OEM logo. That said, it's unclear what triggers the lights on the Nothing phone (1), a detail we might have to wait to learn about at the launch event in July.

That said, if you want to be among the first to get your hands on one, Nothing plans to auction off 100 units on June 21 through its partnership with StockX.

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