Does the OnePlus 12 have an alert slider?

OnePlus 12 alert slider next to OnePlus 11 alert slider
OnePlus 12 alert slider (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Does the OnePlus 12 have an alert slider?

Yes, the OnePlus 12 has an alert slider on the left side of the phone with three positions. The phone can be quickly set to vibrate mode or silent using the slider.

Forget to silence you phone? No problem

While smartphones have been straying away from physical buttons in recent years in favor of smarter software, many of us still prefer the satisfying tactile click of a physical slider. One of our favorite OnePlus features over the past few years has been its alert slider, making it as simple as possible to switch the phone to vibrate or silent.

As we found in our OnePlus 12 review, this three-stage slider has been moved to the left side of the phone, with OnePlus citing interference issues with the phone's antennas for the move. Still, the button is easy to find with a textured finish on top. In the top position, the phone will be completely silent. In the center, the phone will be set to vibrate only, and in the lowest position, the alerts will play as normal.

If you're heading into class or a meeting, you can easily switch to silent without taking your phone out of your bag or looking at the screen. Even the best OnePlus 12 cases leave plenty of room to easily find the alert slider. If you're more interested in the cheaper OnePlus 12R launching alongside the OnePlus 12, you still get the alert slider in the same place on the left side of the screen.

OnePlus builds some of the best Android phones you can get, like the last-generation OnePlus 11 and the excellent OnePlus Open, both of which have an alert slider. In fact, every OnePlus flagship phone has features an alert slider with the exception of the OnePlus 10T, which dicted the feature in order to save more internal space for other components such as support for the incredibly fact charging speeds.

If you're looking for an Android phone with a physical alert slide, OnePlus gives you several options.

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