A OnePlus 11 variant could introduce a new material to the smartphone industry

OnePlus 11 in green
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What you need to know

  • OnePlus China President Li Jie teased a new OnePlus 11 variant could be made from a material the industry has yet to see on a phone.
  • The post was accompanied by a photo of a OnePlus 11 frame against the planet Jupiter.
  • After a Weibo leaker "doubled down" on Li Jie's post, users began to assume the phone could be made from marble after also seeing the teaser image.

OnePlus could have teased something the mobile phone industry has yet to see.

OnePlus China President Li Jie threw something up on a Weibo post about a new OnePlus 11 variant with a material that smartphones have never used before (via Android Authority). Li Jie mentions this new product will challenge the "impossible" in the mobile phone industry. The apparent OnePlus 11 variant is teased to be built with "unprecedented materials and craftsmanship."

A teaser of a OnePlus 11 variant against the planet Jupiter.

(Image credit: Weibo)

The company president attached the framework for a OnePlus 11 to this post, as well, against the large gas giant of our solar system, Jupiter. Given the look of the phone against the largest planet, it looks awfully similar to what some may find in their kitchens: marble.

Comparatively, prolific Weibo leaked Digital Chat Station, in a way, doubled down on what Li Jie had to say about the upcoming OnePlus 11 variant. They suggest this new phone may use a new material on its back and that it could feel "cold and cool to the touch." Conversations ensued in the comments below, with others also assuming the phone could be made from marble.

The OnePlus 11 launched a bit over a month ago with a matte finish backing and a layer of Gorilla Glass 5, as well. Many flagship phones in the industry utilize some sort of glass, like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its Gorilla Glass Victus 2 back and the Google Pixel 7 Pro's glossy glass backing. The new OPPO Find X6 Pro, however, uses vegan leather, which isn't completely unheard of on a smartphone.

A cooler-feeling phone would work on two fronts: for the phone itself and for the user holding it. If the phone can reduce the amount of heat it conducts, it would help in prolonging its battery life and make it more comfortable to hold when heavily utilizing its potential.

President of OnePlus China Li Jie didn't specify when we could see this new 11 variant launch, but if it is to feature a marble backing, it would certainly be unique.

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