There's still time to grab the Motorola Razr Plus at its lowest price

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We've seen plenty of foldable phones launch this year, but one phone that surely surprised us all is the Motorola Razr Plus, an impressive flip phone with a stunning design and a very functional cover screen. And while the launch price might have scared some potential buyers away, Motorola has dropped the Razr Plus to its lowest price ever, with an impressive $200 discount on Amazon! But you should hurry, because this deal won't last much longer!

The Motorola Razr Plus has seen some sweet discounts before, but this is the lowest we've seen the price drop since the phone launched in June this year. At this price, the Razr Plus is cheaper than other foldable phones and most conventional flagship phones, but now you get a compact smartphone with an iconic name attached to it.

Save $200 on the Motorola Razr Plus

Motorola Razr Plus: $999 $799 at Amazon

Motorola Razr Plus: $999 $799 at Amazon

The Motorola Razr Plus is one of the best foldable phones to launch this year, and now it's cheaper than ever. This massive discount from Amazon brings it down to its cheapest price yet at just $799. That's $200 off the original price, making it cheaper than most conventional flagship phones!

The Razr Plus has been my daily driver for months, and I absolutely love using the large cover screen to answer messages, take selfies, play games, and open apps. This phone will definitely get people talking; I can't tell you how many people will stop to comment on how cool the phone is or compare it to a Game Boy Advance SP (remember those?).

It's not a perfect phone by any means, but after comparing the Razr Plus and Galaxy Z Flip 5, I can't help but prefer Motorola's flip phone because it offers a much better experience, taking full advantage of the large cover screen.

If you decide to pick it up, don't forget to snag one of the best Razr Plus cases to keep the phone (and the cover screen) safe from drops!

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